Recommended Extensions program—where to find the safest, highest quality extensions for Firefox

Extensions can add powerful customization features to Firefox — everything from ad blockers and tab organizers to enhanced privacy features, tools for writers, and more.

With thousands of extensions to choose from—either those available on (AMO) or self-hosted extensions listed on third-party websites — we know it can sometimes feel overwhelming trying to find good, trustworthy extensions. That’s why we created Recommended Extensions, a collection of curated extensions that meet our highest standards of security, utility and user experience.

Where to find Recommended extensions

Here’s the entire list of Recommended extensions.

On, Recommended extensions are easy to spot because of the distinctive trophy badge that appears on their listing page and in search results.

Screenshot showing Firefox Recommended extensions

Screenshot showing Firefox Recommended extensions

You can also find Recommended extensions in the “Recommendations” section of your Firefox Add-ons Manager by going to the Tools menu and selecting Add-ons and Themes.

How Recommended extensions are selected

Our team evaluates all content under consideration for the Recommended Extensions program. For extensions selected to participate, they’re subject to ongoing re-evaluations to ensure they continue to meet the program’s high standards.

Recommended extensions are expected to:

  • Function extremely well. All Recommended extensions should not only perform as they promise, but do so at an exceptional level. For instance, there may be many ad blockers out there, but not all ad blockers are equally effective.
  • Be safe and secure. Recommended extensions undergo full code review by staff security experts to provide a strong additional security check.
  • Provide a delightful experience. Recommended extensions should embody great design and user experience standards.

Privacy & security is key

Most extensions are built by independent developers from all over the world. The majority of these developers create software with a common purpose—they want to provide solutions to web browsing problems. The technology that supports extensions, however, is powerful; even developers with good intentions may sometimes inadvertently write software that puts sensitive user data at risk. Also, there are unfortunately some developers with malicious intent who try to use extensions to access user browsing data or other sensitive personal information. That’s why a critical component of the Recommended Extensions program is our ongoing technical scrutiny of the content.

Extensions are a great way to customize Firefox to your personal needs and taste. Whether you’re new to browser extensions or a seasoned expert, we encourage you to explore the array of powerful tools and features you’ll find among Recommended extensions.

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