Feel at home on your iPhone and iPad with Firefox

When we set out earlier this year to reimagine Firefox for desktop to be simpler, more modern and faster to use, we didn’t forget about your Apple mobile devices. We use our laptops and computers for work and play, but our tablets and phones sit a lot closer. They’re the first screens we see in the morning, and the last we see before we go to bed.

Firefox is only one of the many apps you use throughout the day, so our browser can’t just look good. It also needs to feel at home. The newest Firefox for iOS and iPadOS represents what we think online life should be: fast, beautiful and private – presented in a package that looks and feels intuitive and natural.

It’s fast

You can already one-tap to go to your top sites, and we’ve brought the same speed to search. Every time Firefox or a new tab opens, the keyboard will now come up, ready for you to start searching right away.

When typing takes too long, you can build search suggestions word by word.

Firefox syncs your bookmarks, history, passwords and more between devices. But when you have many tabs open on your iPhone, iPad and computer, they’re often hard to find. Now you can simply start typing the tab’s name, and Firefox will show the tabs you have opened, no matter where they’re located.

And if you don’t quite know what something is called, you can browse for it easily. Open the main application menu, and all your bookmarks, history, downloads and reading list are there.

It’s beautiful

We’ve rebuilt parts of Firefox in native components, making it feel more iPhone and iPad-like than ever before. You’ll notice design elements that look and work identically to those found in many other apps, so our browser feels instantly familiar. We’ve also taken a major step up in accessibility. Firefox now supports more text sizes and integrates better with screen readers.

Our menus take up less space and work like all other menus you’re used to.


All your tabs, including ones synced from other devices, now appear side by side. And your bookmarks, history, downloads and reading list are browsed just like tabs do. Switching between them is a breeze.


And we’ve given Firefox for iPadOS the same productivity-inspired new tab design, simplified navigation and streamlined menus. Your favourite browser now looks and feels consistent, no matter where you are.

It’s private

The App Store now includes app privacy labels that help you understand our data collection practices.

Here’s what we collect and why:

  • You may choose to share information about feature usage, crashes and other technical data with us. We collect them, but we do not link them to your Firefox account identity! This information helps us improve Firefox performance and stability, and to support our marketing. You can read more about it here.

What’s next for Firefox

We’re excited to share a fast, beautiful and private Firefox experience across all your devices. No matter what device you choose to tackle the web in the future, Firefox will be there for you. Download the latest version of Firefox for your iOS and Mac and to experience the latest fresh clean look and feel.

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Super fast. Private by default. Blocks 2000+ online trackers.

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