Firefox and Pixar Animation Studios team up to help you show your true colors

“But maybe I like this new me.”

The trailer for Disney and Pixar’s new film, “Turning Red,” streaming on Disney+ March 11, ends with Mei, its 13-year-old protagonist, considering a wild idea: acceptance. Maybe I like this new me. Yes, in her case the “new me” is becoming a giant red panda when she feels a strong emotion, which is decidedly not universal. But the themes of continually reinventing yourself, finding your community of people and learning to accept and love your true colors are timeless. It might be your story. It is also Firefox’s story. 

Firefox has a soft spot for red pandas thanks to our logo, but it goes deeper than that. “Turning Red” takes place in 2002, where a teenage girl struggles between remaining her mother’s dutiful daughter and exploring her true self. In 2002, we were coming together for the first time to create what would become Firefox. We were looking at the internet and imagining what we wanted it to be, how we wanted to show up and how we could invite everyone to join us.

Firefox wants to help build a better internet — a web that feels great for everybody, where everyone can boldly be their authentic selves and show their true colors. This is not something we can do alone, so we are a community-powered browser that puts our users first. As an independent, non-profit-backed browser, we get to make decisions that benefit our users, not just the bottom line. 

We’re committed to open source technology, we investigate threats to internet health, and we highlight the best of the internet while guiding people through the web because your trust is important to us. One of the ways we do this is by building products like Firefox that help deliver the best of the web while keeping your privacy paramount, giving you the freedom to be your true self online, worry-free. 

Back when Firefox was starting out, the internet felt just as unknown, exciting and scary as middle school feels for most people. Honestly, the online world still often feels unknown, exciting and scary. And that is a good thing. This has allowed Firefox to continually reinvent itself over the years, and we will continue to evolve Firefox as we grow with the world. But how we want to show up has not changed. 

In celebration of “Turning Red,” streaming on Disney+ on March 11th, we are creating new Firefox desktop colorways and mobile wallpapers based on the movie as an optional way to show your personality through your browser. We’ve also created a destination for all things 2002 nostalgia and will be having conversations with people about their journeys to embrace their true colors online. 

And we know it isn’t one size fits all, our users all have different stories to tell. Join us. We’re empowering you to be you. Even if you poof into a giant, overly emotional red panda.

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