Picture-in-Picture lets you watch videos while “working”

Some days there’s something extra interesting to watch online — the big game, congressional testimony, a certain show is leaving Netflix so you gotta binge — but you’ve got work to do. The Picture-in-Picture feature in Firefox makes multitasking with video content smooth and easy, no window shuffling necessary.

Picture-in-Picture allows a video to be played in a separate, small window, and still be viewable when you switch tabs or away from the Firefox browser.

To use it, hover your mouse over a video to see a small blue Picture-in-Picture button:

Click the blue button to pop open a slim, floating window so you can keep watching while working in other tabs. You can also move it around your screen and drag the corner to shrink or enlarge it. If you need to mute it, just tap the speaker icon on the right:

Check it out. Just don’t blame us if you end up down the rabbit hole of your favorite ‘90s sitcoms instead of getting that monthly report done.

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