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Chrome and Opera Optimize for Mozilla-Pioneered Asm.js

Browsers Join Firefox as approved for running Epic Citadel

Mozilla has been working hard to make asm.js as fast as possible in Firefox and progress has been really solid. Less than a year after Mozilla announced its port of Unreal Engine 3 to Firefox, two other browsers are now very fast on asm.js style code and provide a solid experience running the Epic Citadel demo. Mozilla and Epic Games announced the port of Unreal Engine 3 back in May 2013.

As of Chrome 31 and Opera 18, Epic Games has now cleared these browsers for running Epic Citadel in addition to Firefox. It is very exciting to see two more browsers optimize for this technology and expand the audience that can experience high performance plugin free game play directly in the browser using asm.js and WebGL.

According to StatCounter, these 3 browsers combined now represent over 60% of desktop browser traffic.

You still get the best performance in Firefox, but the other two browsers have done a great job closing the gap.