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Firefox Coming to the Windows 10 on Qualcomm Snapdragon Devices Ecosystem

At Mozilla, we’ve been building browsers for 20 years and we’ve learned a thing or two over those decades. One of the most important lessons is putting people at the center of the web experience. We pioneered user-centric features like tabbed browsing, automatic pop-up blocking, integrated web search, and browser extensions for the ultimate in personalization. All of these innovations support real users’ needs first, putting business demands in the back seat.

Mozilla is uniquely positioned to build browsers that act as the user’s agent on the web and not simply as the top of an advertising funnel. Our mission not only allows us to put privacy and security at the forefront of our product strategy, it demands that we do so. You can see examples of this with Firefox’s Facebook Container extension, Firefox Monitor, and its private by design browser data syncing features. This will become even more apparent in upcoming releases of Firefox that will block certain cross-site and third-party tracking by default while delivering a fast, personal, and highly mobile experience.

When we set out several years ago to build a new version of Firefox called Quantum, one that utilized multiple computer processes the way an operating system does, we didn’t simply break the browser into as many processes as possible. We investigated what kinds of hardware people had and built a solution that took best advantage of processors with multiple cores, which also makes Firefox a great browser for Snapdragon. We also offloaded significant page loading tasks to the increasingly powerful GPUs shipping with modern PCs and we re-designed the browser front-end to bring more efficiency to everyday tasks.

Today, Mozilla is excited to be collaborating with Qualcomm and optimizing Firefox for the Snapdragon compute platform with a native ARM64 version of Firefox that takes full advantage of the capabilities of the Snapdragon compute platform and gives users the most performant out of the box experience possible. We can’t wait to see Firefox delivering blazing fast experiences for the always on, always connected, multi-core Snapdragon compute platform with Windows 10.

Stay tuned. It’s going to be great!