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Introducing Mozilla VPN

We are now spending more time online than ever. At Mozilla, we are working hard to build products to help you take control of your privacy and stay safe online. To help us better understand your needs and challenges, we reached out to you — our users and supporters of Firefox Private Network.

We learned from you and our peers that many of you want to feel safer online without jumping through hoops and decided to start with the goal of providing device-level protection. This is why we built the Mozilla VPN, to help you control how your data is shared within your network. Although there are a lot of VPNs out there, we felt like you deserved a VPN with the Mozilla name behind it.

To build the best VPN, we turned to you again. After all, who knows you better than you, right? We started recruiting Beta testers in 2019. It was amazing to see the recruitment attract potential testers from over 200 countries around the world.

We started working with a small group of you and learned a lot. With the VPN in your hands, we confirmed some of our initial hypotheses and identified important priorities for the future. For example, over 70% of early Beta-testers say that the VPN helps them feel empowered, safe and independent while online. In addition, 83% of early Beta-testers found the VPN easy to use.

We know that we are on the right path to building a VPN that makes your online experience safer and easier to manage. We’ll keep making the right decisions for you guided by our Data Privacy Principles. This means that we are actively forgoing additional profit-making opportunities by never tracking your browsing activities and avoiding any third party in-app data analytics platforms.

Your feedback also helped us identify ways to make the VPN more impactful and privacy-centric, which includes building features like split tunneling and making it available on Mac clients. The VPN will exit Beta phase in the next few weeks, move out of the Firefox Private Network brand, and become a stand-alone product, Mozilla VPN, to serve a larger audience.

To our Beta-testers, we would like to thank you for working with us. Your feedback and support made it possible for us to launch Mozilla VPN.

We are working hard to make the official product, the Mozilla VPN, available in selected regions this year. We will continue to offer the Mozilla VPN at the current pricing model for a limited time, which allows you to protect up to five devices on Windows, Android, and iOS at $4.99/month.

As we realize our vision to provide next-generation privacy and security solutions, we would like to invite you to continue to share your thoughts with us. Follow our journey through this blog, and stay connected via the waitlist here*. If you are interested to learn more about the product, the Beta Mozilla VPN is available for download in the U.S. now.

*For users outside of the U.S., We will only contact you with product updates when Mozilla VPN becomes available for your region and device.

From Mozilla VPN Team