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Contributor Spotlight: Ana Hristova

 The WebQA team has another contributor who has been making a real impact. We’d like to thank Ana Hristova. Ana has been helping us write automation tests for a few WebQA projects.

You can see more about Ana and the contributions she’s made on her Github profile:

This year she has worked on mcom-tests, remo-tests and more. We love to see people find one project they can help with, and then learn it well- and eventually move on to helping out with other projects!  It works really well if you get to know the project team members.

I asked Ana if she had any suggestions for people interested in contributing. She says,

“Do not hesitate, it is an opportunity to learn something new, it’s fun and interesting and you can only gain from it. I foundBob Silverberg’s blog very helpful when I started.  There is also a lot of information available on the MozillaWiki on how to get involved but most importantly the team is always there to help. Being a Mozillian is great and really rewarding. I had the chance to attend a Mozilla Scandinavia event last week and to meet amazing people.”

It helps us to have contributors submitting pull requests, and it’s a great way for people to learn more about Mozilla projects and our code.  You can learn more about the WebQA team on this wiki page:

This page gives a good idea of who we are and what we’re working on. Feel free to ping the project owner of any project you might be interested in working on. You can use an IRC client, or just click this link: #mozwebqa

This is Ana’s story about how she got started as a contributor:

“I am a newbie contributor, I’ve just started this year, in April. I don’t have a very interesting story about how I started contributing. I’m passionate about technology, I like the idea behind open source software and I was thinking about starting contributing to an open source project. Mozilla was the obvious choice, I knew it was one of the biggest open-source software projects and that it was very community-driven. I’m very excited about it especially having the chance to work with the mozwebqa team. I have been contributing to two of the many test projects the MozwebQA team works on and I would like to be even more involved.”

Community is such an important part of open source software! We appreciate so much the time and effort people put into their work. Here is what some of our team members had to say:

” Ana was very responsive in her pull requests and would answer right away when I code reviewed her pulls. She made nice, clean pulls and really knew our style guide.”  – Teodosia

“From Mozilla Reps to automation (and more), we’ve been really happy to welcome Ana as yet another great contributor to our increasingly, but always amazing, testing community!  Thanks, Ana!” – Stephen Donner, WebQA manager

Ana is from Bulgaria, but she currently lives in Stockholm, Sweden. Her experience as a QA engineer shows in her work!  Thanks to Ana from the team! You can find out more about Ana via Twitter: @anhristova

We encourage everyone to get to know Mozilla, our projects, and our team!

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