Make the Leap!

After tests are running- what next?

The first step in getting started on Automated Testing is to start running automation locally. After getting set up, the next big step is to make your first pull request. It may feel like a big leap, but if you have gotten as far as running tests successfully – then making changes is just the next step forward.

In order to make a good pull request, it’s important to get to know the project code. You can choose any of the projects listed on our Projects page. All of our projects are available for contributor work, but if you’re looking for a suggestion the mcom-tests project is a good place to start working.

Open up all of the folders and files in the project – and take a look around! You’ll see all of the styles and formatting we use in each of the tests. Feel free to review our Style guide on automation.

Community label

Keep an eye out for the “Community” label on GitHub tests! We are introducing this new label to mark Issues that are good for beginners.

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