Warnings-as-errors in js/src/, take 2

I recently wrote that we changed the way the JavaScript shell was built so that it would treat compiler warnings as errors.  Unfortunately, we had to back it out.  It was working fine on common configurations, particularly those that are part of our standard tinderbox testing, but it was causing too much breakage for people using unusual configurations.

Then Paul Biggar suggested a lovely compromise of adding a special build to the standard tinderbox testing of TraceMonkey.  That way, we’d know about compiler warnings on the most important platforms.  Phil Ringnalda went and implemented the idea with some help from Chris Atlee, and now we have a warnings-as-errors build (under “SM (e)”):

SM (e) build on TBPL

Amazing enough, it was green on its first run.

Thanks guys!  This build is currently only showing up on Phil’s development version of TBPL, it’ll make it onto the official TBPL sometime soon.

And now I wonder if something similar could be done for whole-browser builds…

2 Responses to Warnings-as-errors in js/src/, take 2

  1. Awesome! I took a stab at something like this cross-tree about 8 months ago[1], but like you, I was stymied by bustage in unusual (read: non-tinderbox) configurations.

    It’s great to see a solution like this making it to production!

    [1] http://groups.google.com/group/mozilla.dev.platform/browse_thread/thread/643e944f75e3bae4/57486f0ea9019806

    • Nicholas Nethercote

      Daniel, AIUI your FAIL_ON_WARNINGS was used by Phil to implement this, so thanks for that!