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Blog hassles

The Mozilla WordPress installation was upgraded a couple of days ago.  I had a simple captcha plug-in enabled before this (I don’t remember it’s name).  It asked you to solve a very simple arithmetic problem (e.g. “what is 1+1”) before your comment would appear.  It was very effective at stopping spam comments.  Prior to me enabling it I would get  numerous spam comments per post which I had to manually delete.

After the upgrade, this plug-in doesn’t seem to be available any more.  There’s a plug-in called “simple CAPTCHA” which is a picture-based one.  I turned it on but some people reported problems, there were some double-posts, and when I tested it the captcha image didn’t load properly.  Furthermore, spam comments still seemed to be getting through.

Any suggestions?  None of the other spam-fighting plug-ins seem appropriate.  Really, I just want my simple arithmetic problem captcha back.  If I can’t get something working I might have to require people login before commenting.  But I’d rather not do that, as it will deter some commenters.