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The Mozilla WordPress installation was upgraded a couple of days ago.  I had a simple captcha plug-in enabled before this (I don’t remember it’s name).  It asked you to solve a very simple arithmetic problem (e.g. “what is 1+1”) before your comment would appear.  It was very effective at stopping spam comments.  Prior to me enabling it I would get  numerous spam comments per post which I had to manually delete.

After the upgrade, this plug-in doesn’t seem to be available any more.  There’s a plug-in called “simple CAPTCHA” which is a picture-based one.  I turned it on but some people reported problems, there were some double-posts, and when I tested it the captcha image didn’t load properly.  Furthermore, spam comments still seemed to be getting through.

Any suggestions?  None of the other spam-fighting plug-ins seem appropriate.  Really, I just want my simple arithmetic problem captcha back.  If I can’t get something working I might have to require people login before commenting.  But I’d rather not do that, as it will deter some commenters.

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It doesn’t have to work, but I would be most grateful for a “report a spammer with prejudice” button.

Thanks for the suggestion. My spammers aren’t Russian so his suggestion of blocking .ru addresses won’t work, unfortunately. Also, I’d be reluctant to use such an approach in case it blocks genuine Russian commenters.

Really, I just want my old arithmetic captcha plug-in back 🙁

Until the WordPress upgrade I never saw a spam message on this site. The little calculation test worked brilliantly. Please don’t resort to one of those awful captchyas. On the other hand, if you want to frustrate the likes of me out of commenting (who could blame you? 🙂 ) then go for it 😛

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