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Duplicated abstraction layers in Firefox

Just about every operating system provides a mechanism for directly allocating and deallocating memory at the page level (ie. not malloc/free or new/delete).  The functions to do this vary from OS to OS:

  • Windows: VirtualAlloc/FreeAlloc.
  • Posix (e.g. Mac and Linux): mmap/munmap.
  • Mac also has: vm_allocate/vm_deallocate.

So it’s very natural to add an abstraction layer: your own functions (let’s call them Map and Unmap) that use conditional compilation to choose the appropriate OS-specific call.

An abstraction layer like this appears in lots of software projects.  Firefox happens to incorporate code from a lot of other projects, and so what happens is you end up with lots of duplicate abstraction layers.  For example, in the JS engine alone we have five Map/Unmap abstraction layers.

  1. In js/src/jsgcchunk.cpp, used to allocate chunks for the GC heap.
  2. in js/src/vm/Stack.cpp, used to allocate some stack space.
  3. In js/src/nanojit/avmplus.cpp, used to allocate space for code generated by the trace JIT.
  4. In js/src/assembler/jit/ExecutableAllocator*.cpp, used to allocate space for code generated by the method JIT.
  5. In js/src/ctypes/libffi/src/dlmalloc.c, used to allocate chunks of memory that are handed out in pieces by the heap allocator defined in that file.

The duplication of 3, 4 and 5 are understandable — they all involve large chunks of code that were imported from other projects.  (Furthermore, you can see that ctypes/ has its own heap allocator, thus duplicating jemalloc’s functionality.)  The duplication between 1 and 2 is less forgiveable;  neither of those cases were imported and so they should share an abstraction layer.

How many other Map/Unmap abstraction layers are there in the rest of Firefox?  The JS engine may be more guilty of this than other parts of the code.  Is there a sane way to avoid this duplication in a world where we import code from other projects?

Firefox Software Engineering Talks

A talk: Software Engineering for Firefox

I’m giving a talk at Monash University on Thursday, to students in a 2nd year software engineering class and anyone else who wants to come along, about Firefox development.

Here is a draft version of the slides.

Draft slides

(I wanted to embed a Scribd widget but I can’t get it to work.) I used PowerPoint to make them but I’ve assiduously avoided the common (and widely pilloried) PowerPoint style — there isn’t a single bullet point. Each slide also contains the presenter notes, which indicates more or less what I’m going to say, but don’t worry, I won’t be reading them verbatim. I’ve included those notes because if you read the slides without them you’ll miss a lot of the details.

I’d appreciate any feedback that people might have about these slides.  Thanks.