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Notes on Reducing Firefox’s Memory Consumption

I gave a talk yesterday at the Browser MiniConf, held in Ballarat, Australia.  Its title was “Notes On Reducing Firefox’s Memory Consumption”.

Below are the slides and notes in a SlideShare embedding. If you find that embedding problematic (some people do) you may prefer to download the PDF version directly.

Firefox Software Engineering Talks

A talk: Software Engineering for Firefox

I’m giving a talk at Monash University on Thursday, to students in a 2nd year software engineering class and anyone else who wants to come along, about Firefox development.

Here is a draft version of the slides.

Draft slides

(I wanted to embed a Scribd widget but I can’t get it to work.) I used PowerPoint to make them but I’ve assiduously avoided the common (and widely pilloried) PowerPoint style — there isn’t a single bullet point. Each slide also contains the presenter notes, which indicates more or less what I’m going to say, but don’t worry, I won’t be reading them verbatim. I’ve included those notes because if you read the slides without them you’ll miss a lot of the details.

I’d appreciate any feedback that people might have about these slides.  Thanks.