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Mozilla SF, a San Francisco Treat

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Welcome to San Francisco, home of the Golden Gate bridge, Ghirardelli chocolate, Rice-a-Roni, and of course, Mozilla San Francisco!  Did you know that our building is actually considered a San Francisco historical landmark? Built in 1926, the Hills Bros. Coffee company constructed our building in the heart of SOMA next to the Bay Bridge. It was originally outfitted with a specially engineered tower that used gravity to blend coffee beans. We love coffee as well, and have just ordered a brand new Toronto-esque espresso machine of which the Hills Bros. themselves would be proud!

San Francisco is a bike-friendly city and as such, Mozilla SF is launching a bike program next quarter. Soon Mozillians and fans alike can ride around the city and enjoying historic landmarks and amazing views.

Due to its popularity, the number of Mozilla employees in the San Francisco office has doubled since we opened our doors in August. We wish everybody could work out of our space, but right now we are completely out of desks. We are happy to report, though, that we signed a lease on the 3’d floor of the building and will be expanding our capacity with up to 50 new work stations by this summer.

We are excited to be growing and thriving in this great City by the Bay. Although Rice-a-Roni claimed it, I think we are the real San Francisco treat!

-Cristina Akimoff, WPR Office Services Coordinator, San Francisco

And trust us, it isn’t just WPR that thinks the new San Francisco is a pretty special place:

I’ve been living and working in San Francisco for many years and the Mozilla SF office is the most gorgeous office I’ve ever seen. The view is amazing and the people who work here are so talented and genuine. The New Year’s Eve fireworks were breathtaking!

— Jet Villegas, Sr. Engineering Manager

Everyday we get a front row seat to these two monumental features — the Bay and its Bridge — both of which inspire big thinking and considerable humility.

–Jason Haas, Student Community Manager



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  1. humi February 10th, 2012 15:43

    What will be the bike program about, tours?

  2. WPR February 13th, 2012 14:05

    More bike sharing, than touring… though anything is possible!

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