Mar 15

London’s Calling!

Category: Mozilla Spaces

The London office is now online and ready to open its doors.

Officially opening at the end of March, a handful of brave Mozillians have already inhabited the space and report that it is indeed impressive.

Located on St Martin’s Lane, overlooking Covent Garden, the sleek London Office shares its cobblestones with other cultural outposts such as the English National Opera and the Coliseum Theatre, as well as bookshops, antique stores and cafes. This famous street was also the inspiration for the 1938 film Sidewalks of London, starring Charles Laughton, Vivien Leigh and Rex Harrison.

Easily accessible by transit, this office boasts a plethora of food (and pub!) options amidst the historic city center.

WPR is happy to report that the 42 desks, bright community area and Splendid Bar fridges will soon be stocked with Mozilla cheer.

Welcome to London, Mozilla!

We hope you enjoy your stay.

*Thanks to Ross Bruniges and Lucas Rocha for their photos

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