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Mozilla’s Portland Presence

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Photo Credit Reid Beels

At long last the green city known for its breweries and bookstores will house Portland Mozillians under one roof. Sharing space with like-minded companies at the Collective Agency, employees will now have an office to collaborate, socialize and spread the Mozilla love.

We caught up with Portland resident and longtime Mozillian, Dietrich Ayala to tell us a bit more about their office space.

How many Mozilla people are in the space right now? How many do you expect?

Right now there are two to three people in the office on any given day, with a total of 12 people signed up. Several people are moving their desktops from home into the space soon. It just opened this month, so we’re still ramping up – once we get the Vidyo machine running and snacks/coffee/drinks available, we’ll see more people here on a regular basis.

How many other people or companies are there? Does the co-working space have a name or any affiliation or social cause?

The co-working space is called Collective Agency. The tenants are software developers, tech and non-tech start-ups and entrepreneurs, artists and various non-profit workers. There’s also a brain scientist, a beer educator, and a sustainable toilet designer. It’s a democratic and mission-driven co-working space, with an elected council and a constitution.

Portland is known known for being super bike-friendly. Do most of you bike to the office?

Several of us do! If I look wet on Vidyo, that’s why! Some of us live too far out to bike. Taras Glek lives in Hillsborough, and takes train in most of the way and bikes the rest. Dave Camp takes the train in from Washington state!

Portland also has a reputation for gourmet food trucks. What is your favorite local food truck?

Our office is within walking distance of two large cart-pods in downtown Portland. My favorite cart for lunch is probably Nong’s Khao Man Gai, which serves a simple and delicious Thai chicken dish.

Can you put a bird on it?

Ha! At one point I was on a Vidyo call, and realized I was the only one with a piece of art in the background… and OF COURSE it had a bird on it. However, there’s no bird art in the coworking space that I’ve seen. Yet.

┬áThanks to Dietrich and Reid Beels for his photos. More of Reid’s photos can be found on flickr.



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  1. yann Daigneault July 6th, 2012 23:00

    Great to see coworking places become official business places. After all we are in the collaborative 21st century ! Go portland.

    Next stop Montreal, Canada.

    With Google montreal and the international startup festival, we are still waiting for Facebook montreal and Mozilla montreal!


  2. halovar.net January 29th, 2015 23:48

    Excellent article. I’m experiencing a few of these
    issues as well..

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