Jul 18

Travel Tips Vol. 1

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Mozilla is growing and traveling more than ever. Over the next several months we’ll be offering up some travel tips for Mozillians on the road.

Before you book, review Mozilla’s Travel Policies here: https://intranet.mozilla.org/TravelPolicies

July Travel Tips

1.  Pick up a phone (and use it to make a phone call!)

We work on the web. We live our lives on the web. There are times though, that problems can get solved much faster on the phone. If you have a travel problem or need help with a booking, call Egencia‚Äôs Customer service line ¬†+1 (866) 397-2677 or +1 (702) 939-2530. You’ll talk to a real person, too.

2.  Call your airline

If you need to exchange an air ticket, it is often faster and easier to go to your airline directly. Egencia does not have the authority to bend the rules. Your airline may offer you a better solution when rebooking a flight than Egencia is able to.

3. Pack well

Checking baggage is costly and time consuming.¬† Choose a standard regulation suitcase that will fit in the overhead bins. Lay out everything you plan on taking on your trip, and take half. Don’t forget your Mozilla T-shirts, of course.

4. Read the fine print

Egencia offers extremely competitive hotel and airfare rates, often with extremely restrictive booking policies to match. If you think your plans may change, look for hotels and flights that are refundable or have reasonable cancellation policies.

5. Read the reviews

Egencia provides listings for an array of hotels. While most are business class suitable, some are more pleasant than others. Traveler reviews will help you determine if a hotel is the right fit for you.


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