Nov 9

Travel Tips Vol. 2: Hotels Edition

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All About Hotels

1. What is a “Published Rate” hotel?

Egencia has 4 types of hotel rates: (listed in preferred order for booking)

  • Negotiated Rate Hotels– Mozilla has negotiated a corporate rate with these hotels based on an assumed number of room nights. You reserve these rooms in Egencia and the hotel bills Mozilla. Good choice!
  • Egencia Preferred Rate Hotels– Catering to business travelers and offering the most business amenities. Rooms are charged directly to Mozilla. Good choice!
  • Expedia Special Rate Hotels– Catering to business and vacation travelers with varying degrees of flexibility and amenities. Rooms are charged directly to Mozilla. Good choice!
  • Published Rates or “rack rates”– Hotels with whom Egencia does not have contracted rates. These hotels are reserved in Egencia but require payment on arrival to the traveler’s credit card. Rooms are filed as an expense and then reimbursed by Mozilla. Oops! Try again.

2. How do I tell what kind of room rate it is?

There are a few ways you can check what kind of rate you’re picking:

  • Colored Pins– Your hotel search will produce a list of hotels. The pin color is associated with the type of rate. Published rate hotels will only show in your search results if there are no other results available .

Green Pins = Negotiated Rate Hotels Good choice!
Yellow Pins = Egencia Preferred Rate Hotels Good choice!
Blue Pins = Expedia Special Rate Hotels Good choice!
Gray Pins= Published Rate Hotels Oops! Try again.

Screen Shot 2013-02-14 at 3.39.09 PM

  • Continue to Booking– Once you continue to the booking page to select your room you will see the type of rate the room is listed at the top of the screen.

3. How do I know if this is a good hotel?

Egencia has recently added TripAdvisor hotel reviews to their hotel search.  You can read reviews before you book to determine if this hotel will be a good fit for your travel needs.

4. How do I change my hotel reservation?

Call your hotel directly. Hotel contact information and terms are always included in your trip information under the “Hotel summary.” If you have any problems you can always call an Egencia representative to assist you.


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