Firefox for Android Has a New Look and Tools that Empower Developers to Build Rich Mobile Web Experiences


Mozilla, a global, non-profit organization dedicated to making the Web better, today released an update to Firefox for Android. Users will notice a refreshed interface and developers will enjoy new tools that make it easier to build interactive mobile Web apps and websites.

Firefox for Android provides a seamless way for users to take the Firefox experience they know and love everywhere along with a sleek look that allows users to focus on the websites they visit. The interface is streamlined to be consistent with the Android look and feel while fonts and buttons are now optimized for tablets. Additional tablet optimization and support is planned for future releases.

The new welcome page helps users discover browser tools and features (like Firefox Sync, add-ons, tabbed browsing and bookmarks) that are conveniently stowed away in the side panels. Many users will notice faster zooming, crisp text and reduced pixelation due to enhanced image rendering in Firefox for Android.


Firefox for Android adds support for tools that help developers create rich, compelling mobile Web apps and websites. With the single touch events API, developers can build Web experiences that detect touch events and gestures. Imagine mobile Web apps that enable users to swipe their finger to pan around a map and mobile Web games that let you swipe a finger to swing a baseball bat or pull a slingshot to launch an angry bird. Support for multi-touch events will be added in future releases.

The IndexedDB API gives developers local database storage in Firefox to make Web apps, websites and restartless add-ons available offline. This increases performance, reduces data usage and allows users to enjoy a mobile Web experience without an Internet connection.

Visit the Android Market to get the latest Firefox update on your Android device. Users with Firefox for Android already installed will receive a notification to update to the latest version.

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