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Firefox for Android Empowers Developers to Build Seamless Web Experiences

Mozilla, a global, non-profit organization dedicated to making the Web better, today released an update to Firefox for Android. This release allows developers to create seamless Web experiences and adds popular features that save time when browsing the mobile Web.

Firefox for Android includes support for APIs that help developers build rich and compelling websites and Web apps. The WebSockets API creates faster communication between Firefox and Web servers, making it easier for developers to build more responsive Web applications like instant messaging and interactive HTML5 games like Angry Birds or Runfield.

Firefox gives developers the power to create continuous Web experiences that work across devices and platforms. With tools like WebSockets supported in Firefox across desktop and mobile platforms, developers can create faster, seamless Web applications. Imagine a multi-player Web game that you can play simultaneously with your friends and family on different mobile phones, tablets and computers.

Firefox now supports the W3C navigation timing spec API across desktop and mobile platforms so developers can measure page load time and website navigation against bandwidth speed, website traffic and other factors. This API allows developers to remotely test user experiences and easily and quickly optimize websites and Web apps for different types of users, devices, platforms and networks.

Firefox for Android adds popular features that save time browsing the mobile Web. Users now have the ability to copy any website text and paste it into emails, website forms and device applications that go beyond the browser, like SMS messages. Firefox for Android automatically detects device language settings upon setup so users can immediately browse the Web in their language of choice.

Visit the Android Market to get the latest Firefox update on your Android device. Users with Firefox for Android already installed will receive a notification to update to the latest version.

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