Firefox for Android Beta Makes it Even Easier to Customise Your Web Experience

Firefox for Android Beta introduces a powerful set of customisation features for users and APIs for developers. These new features are unique to Firefox for Android Beta and offer users more personalisation options and even greater control over their Web experience.


More Customisation Options

Users can customize their home screen pages to see the Web content they want from a variety of websites, feeds and services. Just some of the websites, feeds and services that Mozilla has been experimenting with include Instagram, Pocket, Vimeo and Wikipedia. Users can now experience these in Firefox for Android Beta.


 Instagram home screen page in Firefox for Android Beta

Users can pick and choose which home screen page appears as the default, re-order pages, hide unwanted pages or hide all pages for a completely clean new tab experience. Users can now install new home screen pages for testing the same way all add-ons are installed from the settings menu under tools/add-ons. The pages can also be installed from the home screen panels collectionon the Mozilla add-ons website.


A New Class of Add-Ons

This new set of APIs transforms and extends the potential of home screen pages, giving add-on developers the tools they need to build a whole new class of add-ons into the Firefox for Android Beta user experience. Add-on developers can use these APIs to create their own home screen pages, giving them a dedicated space where they can entice users to interact with their add-ons.


Easily Switch Between Languages

We added a feature to Firefox for Android Beta that enables users to easily switch between languages without restarting the browser. The feature allows us to offer 54 language options, which a user can switch between regardless of the locales supported by their Android device. We created this feature in direct response to user demand, working alongside our passionate community of volunteer localisation contributors to deliver it.

Help us test this new home screen experience and our new language switching feature from today. Please remember to share your feedback and file any bugs as we continue to improve performance and features for our users.


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