Off to Black Hat!

I’m heading to Las Vegas tomorrow for the Black Hat Briefings. If you’re in town you can catch me speaking on Thursday morning on Building and Breaking the Browser.

You can also catch up with me Wednesday afternoon on the Future of Information Security panel or Thursday afternoon on the Ethics Challenge panel.

After you roll in from all the parties on Wednesday night, stop by Royal 55, Augustus Tower in Caesar’s Palace to have milk and cookies with Mozilla. It’s a super chill pajama party with some of the people who make Firefox. Pajamas not required. Stop by on your way to bed. We’ll be there 11pm to 2am and possibly later.

3 comments on “Off to Black Hat!”

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    […] I believe, be demonstrating one of his killer tools. I’ll be wondering why I stayed at our most chill party until the early morning when I knew I had to be on stage at 10AM, and trying to not make it totally […]

  2. Percy wrote on

    Any chance we’ll get a video of the presentation? At least on YouTube? With a tiny web cam? Or at least the presentation slides in some format other than Keynote please?

    I wish getting videos of all Mozilla people presentations were a norm and not an exception. At least Mitchell’s presentation at OSCON 2007 will be available on Air Mozilla.

    Wish you and Mike the greatest success!

  3. Kate wrote on

    Yay Black Hat!