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Feedback from Opera on Mozilla JavaScript fuzzer

Claudio Santambrogio at Opera posted that they have been running the Mozilla JavaScript fuzzer and as of Friday have found and fixed 4 issues with it. I am thrilled. This is exactly what we hoped would happen. Hopefully, this will encourage other vendors to share their internal security tools with everyone so we call all make our software more secure.

4 comments on “Feedback from Opera on Mozilla JavaScript fuzzer”

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  2. Zeno Davatz wrote on

    Why the heck do you guys not have an RSS-Feed from your site? I would love to subscribe to your RSS-Feed and keep myself updated on all the events and news and fuzzer-news.


  3. Chris wrote on

    Opera is a great company and browser. I completely believe in their product roll outs as well. I use Opera a my default. Never had a problem with sites, it’s nice to see that they are so willing to help the competition! Let’s bring the World together!

    Chris-Lakewood, Ohio

  4. Rosa wrote on

    Non capisco nulla……come si fa per poter leggere in italiano?