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Firefox users most likely to run latest version of the browser

A recent report identified Firefox users as most likely to be running the latest version of the browser at any point in time.  Brian Krebs at the Washington Post comments on it here: Forty Percent of Web Users Surf With Unsafe Browsers

This is great news for Mozilla, since it demonstrates that the work that has gone into the auto update mechanism and the restore session feature has really paid off.  In order to reduce the window of risk for users and minimize the time to deploy, we have put a lot of effort into making sure that it is as easy to install security updates as possible.  This is not the first time we have heard this, but it is great to get more numbers behind what we already know:  Firefox is safer because Mozilla continually works on security improvements, ships updates quickly, and makes it easier to stay up-to-date.

You will be hearing more about our effort to collect meaningful security metrics like these soon.

Asa has a few words to say about this on his blog.

12 comments on “Firefox users most likely to run latest version of the browser”

  1. Steven Hogden wrote on

    I started using “Firefox” as my browser about 5 years ago.My next door neighbor told me to always use “Explorer”.So I was just starting out and that’s what I did.Man surfing the internet wasn’t any fun because I was always picking up spyware!Then I discovered “Firefox” and everything is the way I thought it would be.I have a good firewall,anti-virus,and Spyware Doctor and I surf the net all-night.

  2. Christian David Rom wrote on

    Well, in fact I enjoy Firefox! But there is a malicious bug you aparently can’t master… The famous ‘Search Link Browser’ was a pain in the neck with the former Firefox. I installed the Firefox 3, was anxious and guess what?
    Yes, still there!
    At clicking every URL you have it.
    Can’t you realy do anything on this? The ONLY black spot on Mozilla-Firefox.
    Please make everybody happy…

  3. Donal Fitzgerald wrote on

    I started using Firefox within the last few months and the speed of the web page download response is amazing in comparison to Internet Explorer. I am able to modify the browsing experience with great add-ons, which improve my Internet surfing experience without slowing me down or crashing like Internet Explorer if I have multiple webpages download at the same time.
    Also to be able to shut down my computer and return a day later and restart firebox and restart my browsing where I left off previously at the same web pages that I was reading before, which is great.

    I now find myself with more time to do other things rather than sitting in front of the computer waiting for it to response and download or trying to find previous web pages that I have been to without much effort.

    I am now a fully fledge Firefox addict.
    Thanks for this amazing browser and keep improving it!!

  4. Visual guard for Oracle wrote on

    I came across Mozilla just a year back. I started it at work. And that very nice. I got superb results. I appreciate the security. If in case my pc is having problem n i need to restart it again, my data on Mozilla will never vanish. I can easily restore the data. The speed is very good and i can open so many tabs at same time. I have tried to open 60 tabs at a time.. Sounds stupid but done this.. It really works well..

  5. ROBYN wrote on

    hello there , i have just signed up with fire fox having heard from a friend in the usa… i am from New Zealand i dont have a big skill on using the net but i am learning. i would however like to find out wether the security only works with just searching the net? or will it help with all my email aswell. I do have alot of trouble not getting my email or it just takes so long for mail to download.And what does it cost dollar wise to have this security? i am very keen to know please.
    I am with windows mail.. so im not sure how all this can change.
    can someone help me to make my computer do what i hoped it would.

    thank you. Robyn.R. NZ.

  6. dorothy wrote on

    thank you firefox for giving me safe surfing keep up the good work

  7. Ray wrote on

    I have been a Fire Fox user for a long time . It offers the security that I
    can not get from Micro — . Mozilla dose what they can not and for free .
    If Ubuntu catches up in some of their software issues I would remove Vista
    altogether also . The place I work a uses explorer and in a year has crashed
    twice because of spy ware and viruses . I’m a big fan of MOZILLA . GO GO GO
    put them out of their —— .

  8. fastmari wrote on

    IE has continually allowed spyware, adware, riskware, trojans, etc to come through their “filters” and with XP, it seemed there was no alternative for browser, which adware, spyware etc developers and commercial corporates seemed to have picked up on and supplied all these cutesie hooks for free cursors, neopets, libraries of screensaver & backgrnds that the person trusting their IE to not let any junkie stuff in, then free-downloads, with these trojans riding along until pc is totally unusable. both MS and IE and our Embarq hispeed DSL all classify these disrupters and invaders as lowrisk and recommend no effort be made to remove these files from where they hide, such as system32 as applications that generate warning windows like popupts on the desktop offline.
    FF is able to give me the life satellite feed of satellite tv shows, when in IE, the website comes up, the sound for the show comes on but IE cannot provide the live tv video. They are unresponsive to our curiousity on this. Does anyone know why FF is superior and successful in this ability? The live show, EST 10pm-1am 4 x weekly on channel 223, from Hollywood, California, thanks for answers all

  9. marne wrote on

    Thank you Firefox and all your technicians for making me feel safe on the net. I am a neophyte with a computer, but am learning fast.I wonder if it is possible to come up with a way of opening a piece of email safely, when the correspondent is unknown: like visiting someone in prison; you can see them; you can speak to them, but they are safely behind bars until,metaphorically,you set them free,ie,you save them to your ‘contacts’or delete them – just a thought guys. Keep up the good work; You have convert here.

  10. Edgardo wrote on

    I use Mozilla Firefox and I will use it. I think that I found the browser that I wanted to find. Thank you for the developpers.

  11. Jose Lopez wrote on

    Yahoo recommends I use Firefox 3 But I can not My
    iBook combo still has the original OS x v.10.2.
    Please help,what operating system replaced the
    OS x v.10.2.8 on 800MHz processor G3?

  12. Stefanie wrote on

    I have been using Firefox for over two years now..and I love it. However for the life of me I cant figure out why my browser keeps crashing instantly. I have looked for an answer with no luck. If I can work out this kink I will still use mozilla.