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HITBSecConf HackWeekDay 2013


HITBSecConf HackWeekDay 2013 Mozilla is proud to be once again sponsoring HackWeekDay at the Hack-in-the-Box security conference in Malaysia in October. The event is a chance for developers – both students and professional – to come together and prototype new … Continue reading

Writing Minion Plugins


The following blog post is contributed by Yeuk Hon, an intern who has been with the Security Automation team at Mozilla over the summer. Today is his last day with Mozilla, and this post serves as a tutorial on how … Continue reading


Simon Bennetts

Plug-n-Hack Overview Plug-n-Hack (PnH) is a proposed standard from the Mozilla security team for defining how security tools can interact with browsers in a more useful and usable way. Security researchers commonly use security tools in conjunction with browsers, but … Continue reading