Top Videos of FSA Video Tutorials for the Month of March

Hello everyone!

Last month at the FSA Video Tutorials, we had our Ambassadors share, using Popcorn Maker, what they love about Firefox OS. Among the received entries after careful evaluation of the Student Working Group, the top two videos were determined. Congratulations to the following Firefox Student Ambassadors for their outstanding work this month!

Top selected tutorials are featured in this blog post.

Theme : What I love about Firefox OS

Saisharan, a fellow ambassador from India loves Firefox OS because:

  • Firefox OS allowed him to port web apps easily to mobile devices.

  • Application development for Firefox OS is very simple and easy.

  • App development just needs knowledge on HTML, CSS and JavaScript.

  • His app “World Swimmers” is now available on the Firefox Marketplace.

You can watch Saisharan’s video here :

Mohankumar, a fellow ambassador from India loves Firefox OS because of:

  • Adaptive Search which enables apps to make use of our location to customize the content they display.

  • Easy web app to mobile app porting just by using manifest.webapp file.

  • Creating apps is simple and easy because app development only involves HTML, CSS and JavaScript.

You can watch Mohankumar’s video here :

Among the two videos, the Video of the Month award goes to Mohankumar Duraisamy’s video!

Congratulations to Mohankumar for winning the Video Tutorial Contest for the month of March!

If you’d like to participate next month, the theme for April is – “What I love about the new Firefox”.
If you have any questions related with the project, contact Gauthamraj (SWG lead) on

Thanks for participating!