March 2016 Updates: Take Back The Web Campaign, new RALs and more!

It’s time to Take Back the Web!

campus campaign

A new opportunity to make a difference on your campus is coming to the FSA program!

Every day we share information about ourselves online, but we don’t always know what happens to the data we share or whose hands it ends up in. In order to have meaningful control of our online lives we have to understand our choices.

That’s why the Take Back The Web Campaign is looking for students and mentors like you, who are ready to work together to raise awareness and empower people on your campus to make informed choices about how personal information is used online.

If you’re ready to make a difference, it’s as easy as building your team and applying!

Step one.
Put together a great team! You’ll need 2-5 members on your team. Think about the technical, organizing, community building, and facilitating skills you’ll need to have the greatest impact. This team can include people who are and are not student ambassadors!

Step two. Apply! Put your application together online and submit it here by April 15th.

Each team will receive training, support and mentorship from Local Coaches, through the campaign to help you make the biggest change possible on your campus. You can learn more about the program and the three Impact Areas on the website at

We can’t wait to meet you and your team! If you have any questions don’t hesitate to get in touch with the team at campuscampaign [at]

Welcome the new RALs!

Congrats-RALAfter a rigorous process of evaluating over 200 applicants, we finally have 23 new RALs to join us in spreading the Mozilla mission in campuses all over the world! Other than additional RALs in continents with FSA presence, we have also reached North America, Europe and Australia!

  • Australia- Ankit Mehta
  • Bangladesh- Syed Omar Faruk Towaha & Hossain Al Ikram
  • Botswana- Tshepo Tamajobe
  • Cameroon- Njungle Nges Brian
  • Egypt- Abdelrahman Samy Ahmed Mohamed Tolis
  • India- Meghraj Ruthar, Ranodeep Saha, Abraar Syed & Mehul Patel
  • Indonesia- Agung Firdausi Ahsan
  • Italy- Edoardo Viola
  • Kenya- Newton Mawira
  • Madagascar- Mariot Tsitoara
  • Nepal- Roshan Gautam
  • Philippines- Fate Jane Cabag, John Christian Marquez & Dominique Matus
  • Rwanda- Paulin Ntihemuka
  • Sénégal- Serigne Saliou Dia
  • Singapore- Lim Wei Liang
  • Sri Lanka- Ruwan Ranganath
  • United States- Shubham Khichi

Check out the announcement on FB here.

March Office Hour

A creative Mozillian looking for contribution opportunities at Mozilla? Or just a Mozillian who would like to seek help on design for your event/ project? Community Design is the place to go!

Join us as we talk about Community Design with Yofie Setiawan, a rockstar Mozillian creative who can help you start unleashing your creative juices for Mozilla projects and connect with other Mozillians that can help you!

Check out the event page here.
Pre-submit your questions here:
They can be about the program or about the office hour!

FSA & Club of the Month for January 2016

Congratulations to Priyansuu Ganguly, our FSA for the month of January 2016!

Last December, he was the top contributor in L10N bn_IN on Pootle and has been consistently contributing a lot on localization. He has hosted two events in Kolkata during the Privacy Month which you may read about here and here.


MVIT MozilliansCongratulations to the MVIT Mozillians for being the Firefox Club of the Month for January 2016!

MVIT Mozillians is composed of 12 members meeting every week to discuss strategies in bringing out a change in the perception of the web in the minds of their friends at the campus.
Most recently, they conducted a hands-on workshop on git and this had a tremendous response with over a 110 participants.


FSA & Club of the Month for February 2016

SrushtikaCongratulations to Srushtika Neelakantam for being the FSA of the Month for February 2016!

Hailing from Bangalore, Srushtika is the Club lead of MVIT Mozillians and has been active in promoting WoMoz in her community. She has been organizing and participating in Maker Party events and conducts talks in nearby campuses too. Last January, she attended the Leadership Summit in Singapore as part of the Participation Leaders cohort.


FirefoxclubUOGSKTCongratulations to the Firefox Club UOG-SKT for being the Club of the Month for February 2016!

This club has organized events to celebrate the International Data Privacy Day last January 28! Check out their events here and here.



Congratulations to our new Trainees!


Opening of the Junior and Senior Application

The FSA Trainee application form is now closed for the month of March. It will be reopened on 20th April 2016.
FSA Senior and Junior application form will be opened on 25th March and would be closed on 31st March, 2016, 11:59 PM UTC.

FSA Telegram Channel

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