Reinventing Mozilla on Campus

Hello wonderful family.

We would like to share some exciting news about the status and the future of the Firefox Student Program Ambassadors program.

A few weeks ago George marked the beginning of the process for reinventing Mozilla on campus.

He talked about a participatory process which will help us synthesize a set of options for what Mozilla’s presence on campus could look like in the future.

As mentioned in the post, Mozilla has a lot of programs and activities targeting student campuses which are not aligned having been managed independently by different functional teams. We believe it is now time to align them all to strengthen how we channel the energy of passionate students who are bringing the Mozilla mission to their campuses.

We have started with this process of thinking how the FSA program can be integrated into a larger Mozilla on Campus initiative with the Regional Ambassador Leads along with the Executive Board showing their leadership by identifying the Strengths, Weaknesses, Opportunities and Threats of the current FSA program. You can read more about the details of the process in this post on discourse.


In the recently concluded London All-Hands, everyone involved in the Mozilla on Campus planning did two things— examining all the existing programs/ activities Mozilla have for students (which includes the FSA program, our recent experiment on the Take Back the Web campaign, among others) and planning how we can integrate them all to make a larger campus initiative (structure, activities etc.). You can check out the rough drafts of what we worked on during the All-Hands here. Everything is work in progress until we get a decision from the leadership on July 15.

Now what does this mean for everyone in the FSA program specifically?

FSA E-board and RALs will be joining together to form the Transition Team who shall arrange all the remaining logistics needed of the program until we get the decision in July.

  • We will continue supporting all of the amazing FSAs who are driving amazing efforts on the ground but we will not accept any new students and will be closing the signup form. This means existing FSAs can still continue their activities of promoting the Mozilla mission and our advocacy, but we will be diverting FSA sign-ups to encourage people to get involved with specific contribution areas at Mozilla.
  • The FSA E-board won’t be processing any budget requests for RALs and swag requests (by FSA Trainees and up) for now. Existing FSAs can ask for help from local Mozilla Reps for any relevant activity that you would like to work on that require budget.
  • Registration of Firefox Clubs and application for the recognition levels will be also be closed starting this June and certificates will be given out to everyone who applied. The highest recognition level attained will be the one used in the certificate.
  • Everyone who is involved with the FSA program is invited to join us in shaping what the future of  Mozilla on campus will look like, by following the developments and joining in the discussions on Discourse.

Mozilla on Campus team in London

We thank everyone who has been involved with the program and who has been supporting our student communities ever since.While change is always difficult and we know many people are feeling uneasy, we believe this is the best opportunity to improve the areas which have been holding us back in the program so we can finally maximize the impact our energetic young people are making in Mozilla! Please join us in the Participation Team as we work on other teams across Mozilla in an effort of trying to answer important questions like: “What impact can we imagine with a coordinated effort on campuses around the world? What do students, staff and professors want and need to be involved with Mozilla’s mission? How might we evolve our existing programs? What programs and structures would we design, and how do they relate to one another? How can we invite people on campus to innovate with Mozilla?”
Let’s keep on rocking the open web!