February 2016 Updates

FSA @ Leadership Summit

Majority of the FSA team (E-Board and RALs) were accepted to be part of the Participation Leaders cohort and attended the Leadership Summit in Singapore last Jan. 22-24, representing student participation on the said event. The team also discussed the program’s direction for the year, changes and new activities. Expect some exciting new announcements and updates soon!

FSA Team


RSVP to February Office Hour (Internet of Things & Connected Devices)

Maker movement has been possible because of the evolution of tiny and simple electronic boards (Arduino, Raspberry Pi etc) have made this possible. Another way to approach IoT is using Firefox OS mobile phones which have all the sensors in it and there is a super easy way to interact with them (which no other OS provides). 

In the office hour, marketplace contributor Ram Dayal will be joining us to teach about the easiest ways to get started with IoT using Firefox OS and Web APIs. It is going to be very easy if you have a basic understanding of JavaScript.  Join us for the February Office Hour on Saturday, Feb 13, 2:30 PM GMT.

Ask any program related questions in the etherpad. We’ll be answering them during Office Hour! RSVP to the event here!

Positions for Regional Ambassador Lead are now open!

Apply now:

Deadline is 12th Feb,2016.

RAL Recruitment

Congratulations to these Ambassadors!

Recognition List

FSA & Club of the Month November 2015

For the first time we’re seeing active Firefox Student Ambassadors in the US and we’re so excited! Please give a warm congrats to Shubham Kichi, the FSA of the Month and Firefox at University at Buffalo for becoming the Club of the Month for November.

FSA & Club of the Month December 2015

FSA of the Month

Heartiest congratulations to December’s FSA of the month, Salman Rahman Desh.

The Club of the month for December is Firefox Student Club at AAST.

Club of the Month


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