April 2015 Updates: training, new contribution opportunity, and more!

Featured Activities This Month

Updated FAQ!

Do you have questions about the program? Our VP of Communications Kemuel updated our FAQ to answer most frequently asked questions by students. Check it out and give it a read.

Attend Public Speaking Training

FSA Public SpeakingDo you have questions about the FSA Program? Are you new to the program and need some guidance? Join our Office Hour on April 15th to get the help you need! Submit your questions here: mzl.la/1NBOPU4

This month we’re also inviting our dedicated community member Faye Tandog to give a training session on speaking about Mozilla, creating presentations, and everything you need to know to become a rockstar public speaker. This will be a very educational session for all Firefox Student Ambassadors!

Develop in the App of the Month Contest.

mozilla-marketplace-logo-finalDevelop a HTML5 app according to the monthly theme and the best app will snag a Very Splendid Swag Pack!
April Theme: Bus/Train Routes in your City
  • Getting around a city can be hard. Help people out by developing an app that shows the bus, train, or even bike routes in your city. Make transportation easy!


New Contribution Opportunity: Be a Content Helper!

Mozilla’s Community Marketing Team is looking for Ambassadors to help create better seasonal, localized content around holidays and celebrations. This is a brand new opportunity to contribute!

Add-Ons T-Shirt Contest

To celebrate the community of Firefox add-on developers from all over the world, we’re creating limited-edition t-shirts to send as thank-you gifts. Guess what? YOU can submit a design to get your artwork featured on this t-shirt!