June 2015 Updates: Campaign Challenge on Firefox Friends

Featured Activities Last Month

  • Sumanth hosts Web Security Workshop: Giridhar gives detailed reports on the event conducted on 20th June at Collab House, Hyderabad.
  • Ranodeep Teaches the Web to Transporters: Ranodeep taught the transporters how to input in their regional language on their Mobile phones and to use the web.
  • Akure Firefox Club host an Introductory Event at their University: Akure Firefox Club holds an introductory event for FSAs on campus to give them orientation and invite them to join Mozilla’s mission.
  • Mozilla Bangladesh holds a SuMo Community Meetup: SuMo contributors from Bangladesh arranged a two-day long meet up, at Midas Convention Center for recognising those who had contributed for last one & half-year.
  • LU Firefox Club promotes WoMoz Campaign: LU Firefox Club hold the first WoMoz meet in their university to introduce female contributors to FSA program and open-source contribution.

Keep Sharing #FoxYeah!


Sreejith was the winner of our #Foxyeah Contest! He created a video that differentiated Firefox from other browsers. Check out his hardwork here. Thank you to all the Mozillians who participated. You all rocked it!

While the contest is over, the campaign is not! Head over to Foxyeah and continue sharing to invite friends and family to try Firefox.

Congratulations to these Ambassadors!

Congratulations!A big, big congratulations to the Ambassadors who’ve enrolled in the Recognition Program! Welcome new Trainees, Juniors, and Seniors. Keep climbing the ladder to success!

See who they are.



July Office Hour: Campaign Challenge on Firefox Friends

July Office Hour70% of Firefox users are on Windows PC. We need your help in helping these users keep using Firefox during the new Windows update. Let’s put our marketing brains together!

This campaign challenge will be hosted on Firefox Friends. Join this Office Hour to find out what it is from Mozilla Marketing Manager Jessica Osorio – and how you can participate!

Submit your questions on the etherpad and RSVP to the event here.

App Contest

mozilla-marketplace-logo-finalThree API’s, three months, one app and one winner! Hurry up to participate in the App Contest, the deadline is July 25th.

Students have to make an application for Firefox OS using IndexedDB, Vibration or Push Notification (using one or more) API’s and publish it into the marketplace. The winner will be featured in the Monthly Newsletter and will win the Very Splendid Gift Package!

If you have any apps in queue, you can mail to Viswaprasath KS, so that he can help you in getting your apps reviewed.

FSA & Club of Month June

FSA and Club of Month June 2015

Congratulations to Mehul Patel, from Nashik for becoming the FSA of the Month, June. His knack for community building and information technology led to the start of an excellent initiative – Mozilla Summer FSA Camp.

Congratulations to LU Firefox Club for becoming Firefox Club of the Month June! They hosted a MozAwareness event hitting great metrics such as Firefox for Android downloads and #Foxyeah creations. They also hosted seminars about the Mozilla Mission, SuMo, Moz Location Service, and even a #WoMoz campaign.