November 2015 Updates

Tracking Protection is here!

Tracking Protection ShieldWhen you’re happily surfing the web, you’re often unknowingly sharing information about yourself. Just beneath the surface, third party trackers gather, store and sell information they learn about you.

The launch of Firefox 42 comes with the new Private Browsing with Tracking Protection. It gives YOU control over the data you share by stopping third party trackers from following you online. Keep your personal data to yourself. Share this exciting launch with friends and family!

C/P this and share on Facebook or Twitter: Wow! Private Browsing with Tracking Protection is here to stop third party trackers from following you online:

RSVP to November Office Hour

FSA September Office HourJoin us for the November Office Hour on Thursday Nov 11, 2015 at 5PM UTC. This November Office Hour, we’re going to dive into the world of tracking. What are cookies? How do you protect your personal information? What other privacy resources are out there? And most importantly, how do you teach this to students at your school? Be the educator and help people take control of the Web!

Ask any program related questions in this etherpad. We’ll be answering them during Office Hour! RSVP to the event here.

Congratulations to these Ambassadors!

FSA List October

App Contest

App ContestCongratulations to Mohamed Fayis for developing Battery Notifier. Battery Notifier helps your smartphone stay alive while you are at school or at work by notifying you of your battery level.

We’re now back to our monthly app contest! The contest theme for November is Device Storage API. Develop an application using Device Storage API (accessing images, files etc). Winner will receive a Very Splendid Swag Pack! Deadline November 25th.

More info here.

FSA & Club of the Month

Coherent @ UIT 

Coherent Firefox ClubA group of folks who are the open source enthusiasts from Bhopal and are contributing in various Mozilla projects to make internet better and accessible to all. They work in a collaborative way and share knowledge with other contributors. Coherent@UIT has conducted a series of events and has participated in the events conducted by our community. All the club members love to spread the knowledge of open source not only in their city but also in the nearby cities. Also they organised Hindi campaign in their college recently with great success.

Abbackar Diomande

Abbackar DiomandeHe is one of the most active FSAs at this time from Ivory Coast. He recruited 50 new FSAs during his last event. He has mobilized more than 200 people on Mozilla Firefox and Firefox OS. Recently, he participated in all the mozilla meetings in his country and lead workshops on Firefox OS apps development. He was an initiator of the Ivorian FSA summer campaign. He loves to do French Translation.