Isabella Mielczarek

April 12th, 2010

I’d like to announce the birth of our first child, Isabella Grace-Ann Mielczarek:

Isabella in her coming-home outfit

She was born at 1:12 PM on Saturday, April 10th, weighing in at 7 lbs 8 oz. Mom and baby are doing great, and we just brought her home this morning. There are more photos available on my website.

I’ll be taking paternity leave starting today and returning April 26th. In the mean time, if you need help with:

  • Build system/Breakpad symbols or processing issues—See Jim Blandy
  • Breakpad client issues—See Chris Jones
  • Unit testing issues—See Clint Talbert

7 things

January 16th, 2009

Ok, you all know the rules, so I’m going to skip them. I’ve been tagged three times already (Dave, Benjamin, and Tomcat), so I guess it’s time to succumb.

7 things:

  1. I have a slightly better than beginner-level knowledge of American Sign Language. My wife’s sister is deaf, and my wife is fluent, so I thought it would be rude to not be able to talk to her sister. It’s amazing how much appreciation just learning a little bit of someone’s native language will get you.
  2. When I was a little over 2 years old, my family moved from New Jersey to a house that my parents built in Northeastern Pennsylvania. It was still under construction when we moved in, and the entry way was some planks crossing the 10 foot drop to what was at the time gravel in the basement. My older sister dared me to ride my big wheel over it, and of course I fell in. My mom says she made my dad go look because she was sure I was dead. As far as I’m aware I didn’t suffer any real injuries.
  3. I played the trumpet in marching band for 9 years (4 years in high school, 5 years in college). Yeah, I’m a band geek.
  4. My wife and I spent 2 months in Göteborg, Sweden after we got married in 2006. My former employer’s headquarters is there, and I managed to convince our US president that it was a good idea. Sweden in the summertime is an awesome place to be.
  5. I’m only 5’3″ tall. But if you’ve met me in person you probably already figured that one out.
  6. Mozilla is my third employer since I graduated college in 2002. (Hopefully I’ll stay here longer than my previous two!)
  7. I’ve become addicted to mapping in OpenStreetMap. I mapped my entire town (Although not the surrounding area, that’s data that was imported from the US Cenus’ TIGER data.) and got another GPS for Christmas.

I’m not tagging anyone else. I think this meme has reached the saturation point.

first post

October 22nd, 2007

I’ve had enough people tell me that I ought to have a weblog, so here it is.  I’ll be writing somewhat infrequently about the various things I’m working on.  This way, when we meet at a party, instead of me explaining all the cool things I work on, you can say, “Hey, I read about all the cool things you did on your blog!” and then we’ll high-five and it will be awesome.