Firefox Add-ons Hit 4 Billion Downloads

Thanks to an impressive suite of add-ons, the ability to customize Firefox is one of the reasons it’s the independent browser of choice for so many people. The proof is in numbers:

  • 18,000 add-ons available
  • 369,000 browser themes in the library
  • $634,000 donated to developers since 2009, when we started record-keeping
  • 4,000,000,000 add-ons downloaded!

That’s a lot of personalization! Three cheers to all of the developers who have contributed their time and talent to the amazing Firefox Add-ons resource and to all of you who are actively using it. Check out the latest add-ons, and add some fresh features to your Firefox today.

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Introducing a smarter way to search with Firefox

Searching is central to how we all engage daily with the Web, from looking for restaurants to finding friends to planning travel. With Firefox, Mozilla popularized the integration of search in the browser, uniting human curiosity with a window into the vast online world. Now we’re excited to introduce a brand new Firefox search experience, designed to give you the best in choice and control.

More search choices than any other browser

With the new Firefox search box, you have the power to choose where you search every time. From Wikipedia’s informative articles to Yahoo’s sleek new interface to any of the great search options available, choosing where you search is easy.

Firefox search box in action

What’s more, you aren’t limited to the defaults we’ve suggested. The new search box is flexible and easy to change.

For example, let’s say you’re a frequent traveler who reads reviews before booking. Add Yelp to your search to jump straight to the latest feedback. Dedicated film buff? Add IMDB to your search box. Photo enthusiast? Add Flickr.


It’s easy to add and remove search options like eBay, Amazon, dictionaries, YouTube or anywhere you want to search. With Firefox, you can personalize your search box to get refined results every time.


As always, you’re in control

Firefox is dedicated to putting users in control of their online experience, and search is no exception. We’ve partnered with Yahoo to bring you great search results in a new, modern look we think you’re going to love. If you’d like to change your default search preference, you can do that anytime in a few simple steps. Change it, try something new, change it back. No matter what, you’re always in control.


We made a choice. You can, too.

For 10 years, Firefox has stood as the only independent browser and we’re working continuously to deliver on our promise. Firefox provides you with more choice and control than any other browser because those differences matter; to you, to us and to the Web. We hope you enjoy the improvements we’ve made to search in Firefox, and we look forward to bringing you even more awesome features in 2015.


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The results are in

Millions of you have voted in the Web We Want campaign (thank you!) and had your say on what you think matters most for the future of the Web. Topping the list was safeguarding privacy — a matter that is extremely important to us as well. In fact, it’s one of our core principles.

We not only believe in your right to privacy online, we fight for it and continue to build innovative features into Firefox that help keep you in control of your online life.

Learn more about how Firefox is designed to protect your privacy.

Two new features for Firefox for Android

feature3b_sharingWe’re happy to announce two awesome new Firefox for Android features:

1. Home, sweet customizable, Home
Arrange your Home just the way you like. Add favorite sites to your home screen panels, choose your default panel or hide ones you don’t need.

2. Quick share buttons
Now you can share Web pages faster and easier through your favorite social apps using quick share buttons.

To enjoy these new features, make sure you’re running the latest version of Firefox for Android — or get it now for the first time!

Bringing Brazil to you

The world’s biggest football (also called “association football” or, yes, even “soccer”) tournament is here, and Firefox has teamed up with — the premiere source for football news around the globe — to keep you connected to the game you love.

Get all the latest scores, breaking news, and more, with the exclusive sidebar for Firefox, our add-on for Firefox for Android, or even some sweet Firefox OS apps.

Enjoy the games!

Find your favorite theme

Feature3_themes2We love the new Firefox redesign, but one of the best things about Firefox has always been the ability to change its look and make it your own with themes.

To help you find some great ones, we feature three of our favorites every month in our newsletter. You can also search our collections any time.

Here are a few to get you started:

Have any questions about themes or want to learn more? We have you covered.