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Feature2_addonsNow that you’re up and running with the newly made-over Firefox, it’s time to customize it with add-ons. They’re like apps for your browser, and they’re one of the things people have always loved about Firefox.

Add-ons are simple to find and install, and we love helping you discover the latest and greatest.

Here are a few recent favorites:

If you want to search on your own, you can explore the ever-changing featured add-ons or check out some collections.

With the latest version of Firefox, add-ons can be managed directly in the menu, located in in top right-hand corner of your browser.

If you ever have questions, let us know — our support team is always happy to help!

What’s new in Firefox?

Feature1_Fx29The latest, and loveliest, version of Firefox is more than your average update. And while it’s the same great Firefox at heart, some of the new features may take some getting used to.

So we’re here to help with some articles that should answer questions not answered by the introductory tour:

The future of Firefox OS

Last year, we launched Firefox OS — our game-changing mobile operating system — and showed what’s possible when the power of the open Web is applied to smartphones.

For 2014, we’re already working on bringing more affordable devices running Firefox OS to even more people around the world, starting with the exciting news of a $25 smartphone (and no, that’s not a typo).

We’re also moving beyond smartphones, with plans for Firefox OS tablets in the works. And if that’s not enough, Panasonic plans to launch smart TVs powered by Firefox OS.

For more, check out our vision for the future.


5 tips for Firefox

Tips for FirefoxAs you know, we always try to keep you informed of the latest and greatest tips for the best Firefox experience possible. This month, we picked five of our favorites that are always good to remember.

1. Passwords
Think of this as your annual reminder to change them up. Passwords are an important part of staying secure online, but they’re not always easy to come up with (or remember). Luckily, we have a few ideas you might find helpful.

2. Pinned tabs
Pinning tabs allows you to keep your favorite and most often visited sites open and just a click away. Pinned Tabs are small, can’t be closed accidentally and open automatically when you start Firefox.

3. Full screen browsing
Take Firefox (and all your favorite sites) full screen easily and quickly. It’s great for smaller netbook screens or for making the most of your HDTV.

4. Smart keywords
Search IMDB, Wikipedia and other sites straight from your Firefox address bar with smart keywords. Setting them up is super easy; using them is even easier.

5. Do Not Track
The Do Not Track feature in Firefox sends requests to websites on your behalf, letting them know that you prefer they not track your activity on their sites.

Keep an eye out for our monthly tips at the bottom of each newsletter and if you have a tip you’d like to share, please do! Just post it on our Facebook page with #FirefoxTips and tag us, or post it on Twitter with #FirefoxTips.

You built us, so we built this

To recognize the hard work of our thousands of volunteers and staff – affectionately called Mozillians – we are proud to reveal the Mozilla monument. It’s an eye-catching 14-foot structure outside our San Francisco office that proudly displays the names of those who have helped to make Firefox what it is today – and what it can be tomorrow. At last count, we tallied over 4,500 names.

Thanks to all the Mozillians who have contributed to Firefox and Mozilla over the past nine and half years. We couldn’t have done it without you.

Watch the construction of the Mozilla monument.

Make Firefox even better

feature1_userAdvocacyLast month, we told you a bit about the Mozilla Support team (our brilliant crew of staff and volunteer problem-solvers) and how they can help you with anything related to Firefox. But do you know what makes Firefox really awesome? You.

Your feedback goes straight to our User Advocacy team and they make sure your needs, concerns and complaints get into the hands of the people who can help solve your issue. So keep that feedback coming and let’s keep making Firefox better together!

Let us know what you love – or don’t love – about Firefox.

Want to know more about the team? Check us out.


Help is just a click away

supportheroHave a question about your Firefox? Our super amazing support team has the answer. Made up of a very smart and very hard-working group of staff and (thousands of) volunteers, these Web wizards can help you with anything Mozilla related, including Firefox OS and Firefox for Android.

To get a question answered, or explore all the great things you can do with your Firefox, check out Mozilla Support today.

If you fancy yourself a Firefox pro, become a superhero and help other users get the most out of their favorite Web browser.

13 Best Firefox Add-ons of 2013

Every month, a committee of Firefox volunteers — who really, REALLY love Firefox Add-ons  — puts their time and effort into finding the best new add-ons. These add-ons are the little pieces of software that add functionality to your Firefox browser and help you customize Firefox to meet your needs and tastes. Can you see why these volunteers like them so much?

These were their top choices of each month in 2013, plus they picked one extra because, well, picking just one each month was hard!

URLlink1) URL Link: Have you ever had an email that had a broken url across several lines? Or seen a textual link on a Web page that isn’t a clickable link? URL Link solves your problem by letting you select a string of text that isn’t a URL and open it as if it were a real, working link.

Click and Clean2) Click and Clean: It’s like spring cleaning all the time, and on your browser! Delete your browsing history, temporary Internet files, download history and more. The CNET editors said “If you’re a Firefox user, and a fan of CCleaner, we highly recommend this free extension for easy access.” Not only do the professionals like it, the add-on also gets 5-star user reviews!

Clear Console3) Clear Console: The developers of this add-on had a vision. “Our work demanded frequent deletion of browser history, cookies and cache and it was boring every time go to the preferences and clear them. So, we thought that an add-on would serve the purpose, not just for us, but for all those who need it.” Thanks to them, you can clear your history, HTML5 storage, cache, cookies and more with one click. (Be sure to thank them when you download it!)

 Self Destructing Cookies4) Self-Destructing Cookies: This add-on isn’t just a cookie manager, it’s a new cookie policy. It lets you delete cookies from any site automatically when you close the window or tab. Would you prefer your cookie jar to be empty, except for a few sites that you care about? Are you worried about unconventional tracking methods? Then give this add-on a try.

New Tab Plus5) New Tab Plus: When you open a new tab, you can enhance that experience with added features and plugins, such as speed dial, cloud addition and cloud backup. (Plus, it’s based on HTML5!)

Video Resumer6) Video Resumer: Usually, when you click through YouTube videos, they start from the beginning. No more! This add-on automatically resumes YouTube videos from where you played them last. Even if you restart your browser. Isn’t that better?

Reload Plus7) Reload Plus: This one’s for the power users of Firefox. Now, you can supercharge your reload button and hot keys with new tasks!

Stylish8) Stylish: Restyle your Web. This add-on lets you easily install themes and skins for Google, Facebook, YouTube, Orkut, and many other sites. You can even customize Firefox and other programs. Make the Web more beautiful for you.

Fastest Search9) Fastest Search: Search and ye shall find – faster than ever. For example, Search plain text, whole-word, regular expression, in page(s) for current tab, all tabs or filtered tabs. And that’s just the beginning. Get searching!

Google Search Link Fix10) Google/Yandex Search Link Fix: This extension prevents Google Search from modifying result links when they are clicked. Google Search makes some people unhappy when they change the result link when you click it. If, instead, you try to copy the link you get some gibberish instead of the actual link. This extension disables this behavior — on any Google domain — without having to configure anything. Simply install and enjoy!

S3 Google Translator11) S3 Google Translator: Hola! Bom Dia! Want to add the power of Google Translate into your Firefox browser? This add-on supports translation of  selected text, an entered phrase or the whole Web page in more than 50 languages.

BluHell Firewall12) BluHell Firewall: There are lots of add-ons for blocking ads, but some have extra features that you may not want or need. You just want to have a light-weight alternative. That’s BluHell Firewall!

X-Notifier13) X-notifier: Know right away when “you’ve got mail!” X-notifier checks all of your Webmail accounts and notifies you about unread emails. It also supports some of your social channels, so you’re always on top of what your friends are saying.

These are just the top 13 of the year. There are thousands of add-ons to let you customize your Firefox. There’s also a Support page for you if you ever have questions about how to install or troubleshoot add-ons.

What Does Mozilla Firefox Mean When We Say “Open”?

Mozilla, the makers of  Firefox, champion and protect the open Web. But a lot of you have asked, what does that mean?

We asked Mark Surman, Executive Director of Mozilla to put it in it’s simplest terms.

Q: What does “open” actually mean?

A:  Firefox is a great example of what can be accomplished in the open. About 40% of Firefox code was written by more than 40,000 volunteer contributors. Today, it’s used by more than 450 million people around  the world.

Open  is being accessible and doing things in the light. Open is having a choice. It’s letting other people drive and teaching them how to do it.

We don’t just let you look over our shoulder, we invite you to get under the hood and tinker with the engine.

What it doesn’t mean: It doesn’t mean built and understood by only a few gatekeepers. It doesn’t mean keeping users in the dark. It doesn’t mean secret surveillance.

Q: Why should I care about the open Web?

A:  The web is more than a technology; it’s a public resource. It’s a  shared force for good. It’s like the Eighth Wonder of the World that belongs to everyone.

But there are threats to the Web. Governments and corporations that try to control it. Those that think privacy, security and user choice aren’t important.

Mozilla’s mission is to keep the Internet alive and accessible. We know an open web is worth fighting for.

Q: Why should I support “open”? How does “open” protect the Web?

A: Mozilla is a not-for-profit organization. This is a movement, not a business.

We  want to protect the web and create value for everyone. Working in the  open will produce some of the most exciting innovations on the web — it  already has. We’re a global community of technologists, thinkers and  builders working together to build the Web for everyone. Being open is how we make that happen.

Thanks Mark, for teaching us all about the open Web and why it’s important.

If you’re a Firefox user, you’re already supporting the open Web. Tell others about Firefox or share this blog post on your social channels.

Want to do more? Help keep Mozilla fighting by signing up for the Mozilla mission emails.  You can also show your support by becoming  one of our community of awesome volunteers.