Open-Source-Meetups Successful start into 2010 !

February 4th, 2010 by cbook


last week on January 27, the Open Source Meetups in Munich started into the year 2010!

open source meetup munich logo

Because of the great success we have decided to organize this Meetups now every month in Munich !

This time we had with Mitchell Baker a very Special Guest for our Meetup and after a short introduction from Florian and myself, Mitchell gave a great talk followed by a great discussion !

Was a great evening and we got a lot of great Feedback from our Visitors and Linux New Media also reported from the Event. We will present the Idea of the Open Source Meetups also at FOSDEM and CeBIT !

We are already working on the next Event on February 26, also with Special Guests. Chris Hofmann and Kev Needham will be our guest on Friday, February 26 at the Cafe-Netzwerk in Munich.

Chris Hofmann will be talking about “the future of innovation in the browser  — studies, experiments, prototypes, and projects going on a” and Kev Needham about “Customizing Firefox with Build Your Own Browser” !

Will sent out a announcement of this event next week 🙂

– Tomcat

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