Please take part in the Sheriff Survey

March 17th, 2015 by cbook


When we moved to the “inbound” model of tree management, the Tree Sheriffs became a crucial part of our engineering infrastructure. The primary responsibility of the Sheriffs is and will always be to aid developers to easily, quickly, and seamlessly land their code in the proper location(s) and ensure that code does not break our automated tests. In the service of this objective, the Sheriffs work closely with the larger engineering organization to create and enforce landing policies that increase productivity while maintaining an efficient and robust automated testing system. Beyond the policy role, they have also become shepherds of automation quality by monitoring intermittent failures, performing uplifts and merges, and identifying poorly performing automation machines. This role has proven successful, and so a formal module for the Tree Sheriffs in the larger context of the Activities Module was created.

But of course there is always room for improvements and ideas how we can make things better. In order to get a picture from our Community how things went and how we can improve our day-to day-work.

So we created the Sheriff Survey here ->
Thanks for taking part in that!

– The Mozilla Tree Sheriffs!

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