First overview from the sheriff survey!

March 24th, 2015 by cbook


thanks for all the Reply’s we got for the Sheriff Survey! If you haven’t already took part in it, its still online and you can still take part in the survey!

While we close the Survey in a few days and i will provide a comprehensive overview of course, i was feeling i could already do some quick overview what we got so far.

One big take away is how important checkin-needed requests is and how many people depend on this. We are very sorry if there are delays with picking up checkin-needed requests but since its a human task it depend how much is ongoing with the trees etc.

But there is work being done on Autoland like on 🙂

Also to follow up on 2 concrete things (you might know or maybe not).

Question: How do i know why the tree is closed (when we have a tree closure) on Treeherder

Answer:  Just hover over the repo name in Treeherder (as example mozilla-inbound) or click on the info button right next to the repo name

Question: When i land something on like mozilla-inbound its a mess to manually copy and past the hg changeset url to bug

Answer: We have a tool called mcmerge its right next to every push in the drown-down arrow action menu and unlike the name says its not just to mark merges. During the survey we found out that the name is misleading so we trying to find a new name –



– Tomcat

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