7 Years at Mozilla!

July 3rd, 2015 by cbook


since last month i’m now 7 years at Mozilla as full-time employee \o/

Of course I’m longer around because i started as Community Member in QA years before. And its a long way from my first steps at QA to my current role as Code Sheriff @ Mozilla.

I never actively planned to join the Mozilla Community it just happened 🙂 I worked back in 2001 at a German Email Provider as 2nd Level Support Engineer and as part of my Job (and also to Support Customers) we used different Email Programm’s to find out how to set-up the Programm and so.

Some Friends already involved into OpenSource (some linux fans) pointed me to this Mozilla Programm (at that time M1 or so) and i liked the Idea with this “Nightly”. Having everyday a brand new Program was something really cool and so started my way into the Community without even knowing that i’m now Part of the Community.

So over the years with Mozilla i finally filed my first bug and and was scared like hell (all this new fields in a non-native language) and not really knowing what i signed up when i clicked up this “submit” button in bugzillla 🙂  (was not even sure if i’m NOW supposed to fix the bug 🙂

And now i file dozens of Bugs every day while on Sheriffduty or doing other tasks 🙂

I learned a lot of stuff over the last years and still love being part of Mozilla  and its the best place to work for me! So on to the next years at Mozilla!

– Tomcat

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