Sheriff Newsletter for January 2016

February 5th, 2016 by cbook
To give a little insight into our work and make our work more visible to our Community we decided to create a  monthly report of what’s going on in the Sheriffs Team.
If you have questions or feedback, just let us know!
In case you don’t know who the sheriffs are, or to check if there are current issues on the tree, see:
Topics of this month!
1. How-To article of the month
2. Get involved
3. Statistics for January
4. Orange Factor
5. Contact
1. How-To article of the month and notable things!
-> In the Sheriff Newsletter we mentioned the “Orange Factor” but what is this ?  It is simply the ratio of oranges (test failures) to test runs. The ideal value is, of course, zero.

Practically, this is virtually impossible for a code base of any substantial size,so it is a matter of policy as to what is an acceptable orange factor.

It is worth noting that the overall orange factor indicates nothing about the severity of the oranges. [4]

The main site where you can checkout the “Orange Factor” is at  and some interesting info’s are here
-> As you might be aware Firefox OS has moved into Tier 3 Support [5] – this means that there is no Sheriff Support anymore for the b2g-inbound tree.

Also with moving into tier-3 – b2g tests have also moved to tier 3 and this tests are by default “hidden” on treeherder. To view test results as example on treeherder for mozilla-central you need to click on the checkbox in the treeview “show/hide excluded jobs”.

2. Get involved!
Are you interested in helping out by becoming a Community Sheriff? Let us know!
3. Statistics
Intermittent Bugs filed in January  [1]: 667
and of those are closed: 107 [2]
For Tree Closing times and reasons see:
4. Orange Factor
Current Orangefactor [3]: 12.92
5.  How to contact us
There are a lot of ways to contact us. The fastest one is to contact
the sheriff on duty (the one with the |sheriffduty tag on their nick
🙂 or by emailing sheriffs @ mozilla dot org.

– Tomcat on the behalf of the Sheriffs

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