Sheriffing @ Mozilla – Sheriffing a Community Task!

February 27th, 2017 by cbook
i was recently asked if volunteers can help with Sheriffing!
And the answer is very simple: Of course you can and you are very welcome! 
As every part of Mozilla, volunteers are very important. Our team is mixed of Full-Time Employees and Volunteers.
What is needed to join as Community Sheriff:
I think basically there are 3 things you need to have to participate as Community Sheriff:
-> Communication Skills and Teamwork – Sheriffing means a lot of communication – communication with the other sheriff Teams, developers and teams like Taskcluster and Release Engineering. 
-> Background Knowledge how Bugzilla works (commenting in bugs, resolving bugs and setting flags etc)
-> Ability to see context & relationships between failures (like the relation of a set of failures to a checkin) to identify the changeset that causes the regression.
All our tools are public accessible and you don’t need any specific access rights to get started.
Our main tool is Treeherder ( and the first task a Community Sheriff could do is to watch Treeherder and star failures.
We have described this task here
That would help us a lot!
When you are curious how a day in Sheriffing looks then maybe can help 🙂
Please let us know when you are interested in becoming a Sheriff! You can find us on in the #sheriffs channel!

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