AMO Preview Updates

Since we launched the AMO 3.0 preview last week, we’ve been busy reading feedback and implementing fixes.

Here is a brief list of changes that have been merged into the alpha since last week:

  • A reorganized front page
  • New static content translations including French, Japanese, and Korean
  • Added the “Search Engines” page, linked from the right-hand menu
  • Fixed some of the unfriendly error pages (including a new 404 page)
  • And many more fixes from our feedback page

Thanks for all the comments and bugs you’ve filed so far. If you’ve got more ideas or changes you’d like made, now is the time to let us know.

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4 responses

  1. Omnisilver wrote on :

    It’s an excellent news, but what about microformats ? Is it possible to create a page for them ? They would be much more visible on AMO than actually …


  2. Laurens Holst wrote on :

    I just set Japanese as my primary language (although it’s really Dutch, but there is no Dutch translation yet :)), and it still showed me English. Could you please autodetect the language based on the browser’s language settings? That would be a huge improvement.


  3. Cameron wrote on :

    Omnisilver: Microformats was something that was thought about, but IIRC it’s not going to be something we’re interested in for launch. Maybe later.

    Laurens: Wenzel has made some significant changes to language detection of late, hopefully it’ll fix your problems when we release the beta.

  4. Wenzel wrote on :

    Laurens: Indeed, I made the language autodetection code last week and in our tests it works fine. When the beta is out, I’d appreciate you checking on that issue again and if you keep having any problems, let us know.