AMO Preview Updates

A new round of updates have been pushed to the preview site, including:

  • Added a user’s information page
  • Added breadcrumbs and a search box to every page
  • Added the plugins page, linked to from the navigation menu
  • Polished some rough edges, including:
    • Using ngettext() for pluralization
    • Added friendlier messages (eg. when a new user registers)
    • Attempts to guess a users language from their browser headers
  • There is a full list of feedback we’ve addressed on the wiki

Thanks for all your comments. Your ideas and suggestions help us to prioritize what changes will be in our next release. Please put any new input on our feedback page or in a comment here.

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2 responses

  1. Dao wrote on :

    What about non-Firefox extensions?

  2. Moe wrote on :

    Ah, just wrote this as a comment to an older entry but this was supposed to be a comment on the current design. So here it goes again:

    I don’t really like the new design, because
    • too much design, too few information. A lot of blank and wasted space
    • No separation between products. What if I’m only interested in Thunderbird?
    • Probably still no way to list a lot of extensions with short descriptions to get an overview. Too much clicking, too much wasted time.
    • Filesize would be nice, at least on the details page
    • No releasedate information

    Generally spoken: this goes solely in the direction “fancy” but it should mainly go in the direction “userfriendly” and “informative” (nothing against fancy, of course).