AMO Preview Updates

The preview site was refreshed today with another set of updates:

  • Due to public outcry, the right-hand menu is now on the left
  • Condensed browse lists and search results, using javascript to expand sections
  • Added the much anticipated “sandbox” feature (a more complete description below)
  • Added RSS feeds to pages including per category feeds, search results, and more
  • Migrated the visual theme from the current AMO
  • Localized more pages and added more translations
  • Many bug fixes

The sandbox is a new system for managing which add-ons are publicly viewable. Justin Scott introduced the concept a few months ago, and the first revision is ready to look at.

If you just come to the site, all you will see are public add-ons. When you login and choose to view the sandbox in your options, you’ll see a link to the sandbox at the top of each page. After clicking on it, you’ll migrate to the other side of AMO and see add-ons that are just getting started, getting updated, or getting their final polish before being pushed to the public side.

Let us know what you think of the new changes! If you have suggestions, please use our feedback page or leave a comment here.

Expect another update next week, focusing on the developer side.

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2 responses

  1. Nukeador wrote on :

    Some strings are still untranslated, such as:


    Is this intentional?

    Also in the “welcome message” I see “including the one featured below”, I remember that in the original translation that was “including the one featured above”

    I suppose that all these issues will be corrected when the localizers have the final strings, right?

    I see a link to the MDC ( “Built your own”, the link will point to the localized MDC?


  2. Wil Clouser wrote on :

    The untranslated strings are last minute additions. As the strings are finalized, they’ll be sucked up into the .po files and translated.

    We reordered the welcome message and the featured add-on on the front page due to some confusion (I think it came from an earlier comment on this blog…), so yes, we switched the wording from “above” to “below”.

    The link to MDC is a good catch. They don’t support as many languages as us, so it’ll be tricky to fix, but we can look into it. I’ll add it to the list.

    Thanks for your comments. 🙂