AMO 3.0 Beta – Public Preview

We are excited to announce the Remora Beta update to the preview site today. This update encompasses all of the updates since the Alpha release, as well as the new Developer Control Panel.

Improvements you’ll find in the Remora Developer pages:

  • No more waiting for mirrors to sync to download your add-on – we aren’t storing the files on mirrors anymore
  • Upload multiple files at the same time (for different platforms)
  • Localize all aspects of your add-on, versions, and previews (note that the Developer interface itself is not yet localized)
  • An actual Dictionary add-on type
  • Support for End User License Agreements (that users have to accept) and Privacy Policies
  • Better support for preview images and thumbnails (transparent PNGs are now allowed)
  • Ability to allow viewing of your add-on’s source code from the web
  • Sandbox review system

The following features will likely not be available at the launch of Remora, but should be supported within a few weeks:

  • Upload an add-on file from a remote site (will allow larger file sizes)
  • Use limited HTML in descriptions and notes
  • Specification of a source code license
  • Many more enhancements and new features

We are still very interested in your feedback on this beta version – both public and developer sides. If you find a bug or just want to make a general comment, please post it here or on the wiki feedback page, and we will follow-up. We are working hard to implement your suggestions and launch Remora very soon.

We look forward to hearing what you think!

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13 responses

  1. Michael V. wrote on :

    IMO the search box is far too hard to find. Its tiny, blends in too well and isn’t in a place where people are likely to look for it.
    It would be much better if the search box was relocated to under the navigation sidebar on every page (where Home, Recommended add-ons etc are found)

  2. Dao wrote on :

    Let me just say … Thunderbird.

  3. pd wrote on :

    Please check to see if there are actually larger or other thumbnails before presenting the “Click to see all images” link. If there are no larger or extra images DO NOT PRESENT THE LINK.

  4. Jacques wrote on :

    In 3.0 we cannot browse by date. I would like to see a list of all new/updated extensions (from the modified date), not just the last 5 ones.

    In 2.0 we were able to do so, but the version number was missing.

    1.0 was the best.

  5. Javannis wrote on :

    Do NOT like the new site at all……..

  6. J.Santos wrote on :

    It doesn’t show which versions of firefox are compatible with the extensions, and it doesn’t allow you to search extensions compatible with your version of firefox.

  7. Milos wrote on :

    I expected much more… this is worse then it is now… Alphabet sorted extensions? c’mon….

  8. MASA wrote on :


    Think of the users man, everyone just got used to the new design, you can’t just go make a new one design again. I hate this new interface, it’s ugly and as confusing as ever. Please just leave it alone.

  9. tito wrote on :

    Hello, my feedback , maybe something was reported sorry:

    There are no full list of recently update.

    Need sort by recently update, not by name.

    Categories need sort by recently update, not by name.

    Reviews do not work.

    Missing author name.

    Missing author name, bad date in “Firefox Add-ons user since”

    Is displaying a sandboxed version “Version 1.2 – In Sandbox”
    Is not adding to new lines

    Is doing some strange strip tag in preview see “remora testing – linkcounter” at top of page
    Missing author name


    keep work, don’t be anxious

  10. Lawrence wrote on :

    why is it in Russian for me? I live in canada

  11. tito wrote on :

    doing some more testing i see that my profile was incomplete!
    Sorry for that, so extension author names is ok 🙂

    But still don’t like me the sort of the extensions in categories.

    Thanks for your work!

  12. Ed wrote on :

    PLEASE add back the ability to view the most recently added extensions BY DATE. I try to check the site every day to see what’s been newly added or updated. How can that be done with this UI? How else can a user keep up with the latest additions?

    This is a very important functionality that is missing.


  13. Edgar Billups wrote on :

    When I first installed Firefox about three or four years ago, I was very taken with the ‘session-saver’ add on. Beginning with updates a year or so ago that feature was disabled. Why is that no longer available, and is there any way I can reclaim this very helpful item? Do you have plans to make that available again in the future?