AMO v3 (Remora) launch delayed 24 hours

As I’m sure many of you are aware, today (Feb 12th) was the scheduled release day for Remora, which will bring localization, a more inclusive review system, and discussion capabilities to the site. We had a maintenance window scheduled for today from 7-11pm Pacific, and during that period we discovered a number of issues related to differences between our test environment and the production one, as well as some late-breaking bugs found by our testers.

While we were able to resolve all but one of those issues to our satisfaction — and that of our test suite — we ended up making sufficient changes to the system that we wanted to take another day to test it in the production environment before we put it in front of Firefox’s tens of millions of users.

It’s a heart-breaking decision for the Remora team, but we think it’s the right thing for our users, and we’d rather have 24 hours of disappointment than put the users’ experience at risk.

On the bright side, this will give us an extended window to take updates from our intrepid localizers, as those changes are sufficiently low risk that we’re comfortable taking them during tomorrow’s test-and-test-some-more window.

Thanks to everyone for their patience and support; we’re so close now that we can taste it.

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  1. wtf wrote on :

    delayed 240 hours right now

  2. roughcolliegril wrote on :

    there’s a new site….? different from the Mozilla Firefox i JUST downloaded a week ago….? and i need this WHY…..?

  3. Khalid wrote on :

    where’s the new site !!?

  4. victor c wrote on :

    What happened to the email notifier toolbar? That was a very cool utility. keep up the good work firefox is the best browser i’ve used so far.

  5. casper wrote on :

    I have a suggestion for a new extension ….. it tells you when the new Firefox extension site is up and running so you don’t have to keep checking for an update. This is a long 24 hours … Are there Vista engineers helping you?

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