AMO v3 (Remora) Delay

If you’re reading this, you’ve probably noticed that AMOv3 still hasn’t taken over We’ve hit some unforeseen problems that have been plaguing us since our attempt to launch on Monday.

Without getting into the details, we’re having some issues with the way our infrastructure is caching (or not caching) the new AMO v3 pages. Rather than risk a slow, (and thus, frustrating) user experience at launch, we’ve decided to iron out the problems with the servers before deployment.

That means the new site still isn’t live, and won’t be until we can get things fixed. I assure you that we’re all working hard on bringing the community the best possible experience.

Thanks for your patience.

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  1. Iwonder wrote on :

    2 quick delays in succession. I use Firefox and open source as often as I can. I am no fan of Microsoft, but I am wondering something.

    Why is it that if Microsoft had issued delays like this, everybody complains about shoddy software and Microsoft doing it again etc, but when The Mozilla Foundation does it it’s okay?

    Microsoft gets taken to the woodshed, but Mozilla is just looking out for us?

    It doesn’t really matter to me. I would hope that any software vender would delay, if needed, in order to release a stable product, I was just wondering about the hypocrisy involved.

  2. Joel wrote on :

    I would think that because Mozilla doesn’t do it for a profit, so you can’t expect it to be perfect. Microsoft has people doing this for a living. If they can’t figure it out by the time of the release, then it’s not all that professional. Mozilla does this voluntarily, so they have to work around a different schedule that’s not part of Mozilla.

  3. Wladimir Palant wrote on :

    It probably makes a difference whether you delay for a year or whether you delay for a few days. Solving a few last-minute issues is one thing but promising totally unrealistic release dates is different. Btw, Remora’s own schedule has been entirely unrealistic at first and I have been complaining a lot.

  4. Chip wrote on :

    Joel, that is an asinine comment. Mozilla is not a non-profit organization, and from the firefox browser alone, they made over $50 million in 2006 just with the google searchbar alone. Article here:

  5. Shaun wrote on :

    Chip, but does Mozilla earn a single cent off you?

  6. Homzik wrote on :

    Please save the search function in its current form, so that users (including me) could seek newest extensions, sorted by date descending, 10/20/50 per page… As far as I remember, this function has disappeared in your Remora’s beta which was available for some time today (yesterday?)

  7. fwenzel wrote on :

    Homzik: Thanks for your comment. Advanced search is on our list, and will come back.

  8. Baked wrote on :

    Caching is only going to mask the serious problems behind yesterday’s database melting session. A lot of the pages are hitting well over 50 queries, many for data completely unrelated to the task at hand. For instance, a user’s info page with 6 addons results in 65 queries (or 70+ when logged in). Cake is great for making working with databases wonderfully easy, but you need to savagely unbind things you don’t need and even write your own model functions and custom queries for specific tasks, otherwise performance goes out the window.

    I agree with Wladimir, don’t let arbitrary dates that have been pulled out of thin air dictate when you release. Learn from the mistakes of the software you’re replacing – you should release only when your team reaches a consensus that it’s as ready as it needs to be for use in production.

  9. Meatball wrote on :

    Team? It would be interesting to know what percentage of the AMO team are REALLY a part of the team, and what percentage are only part of the team because AMO is a means to achieving their own agendas.

  10. Chuck Cunningham wrote on :

    I always thought Bill Gates was a “Meatball”.
    Your comment proves it.

    The AMO Team doesn’t want to put out a product that doesn’t work.
    M$ is more than happy to put out a faulty product, issue a patch fir it that f#cks up your system, then issue a patch for the patch that only makes things even worse.

    No wonder Mozilla is so popular……

  11. UnNene wrote on :

    Come on, at least we have to appreciate the transparency that lacks in other parts of the software industry.

  12. Ngamer01 wrote on :

    I have a question: With the eventual launch of AMO v3, will users be allowed to make comments without having to give ratings to extensions/themes?

    With the current version of AMO, the rating system was horribly used and abused time and time again by people giving a rating for comments that had nothing to do with the extension/theme the rating was given to.

    Users should be allowed to make comments without having to add to the overall rating of an extension/theme.

    Also the AMO team should highly stress that improper rating usage won’t be tolerated and you would be at risk of being banned off and

  13. Keiron wrote on :

    Hey, give these guys a break, hold off with the Microsoft comparisons – and let them get it right.

    They’ve done pretty well so far.

  14. txGreg wrote on :

    Hmmm – the front page of the updates site should be updated (no pun intended) to at least point to this entry, or a newer one (if available). The blurb on there still talks about a 24-hour delay… from over a week ago.

  15. MrLacoste wrote on :

    “Hey, give these guys a break, hold off with the Microsoft comparisons – and let them get it right.

    They’ve done pretty well so far. ”

    I agree with u.

  16. Kevin Tracy wrote on :

    So what if the are running late? Have you NEVER been late in your life? The folks at Mozilla aren’t Micro$oft con-artists. If they are running late, I’d bet my cat they have a good reason. And I’d bet my cat again that when this is released, it will work as advertised.

    And they won’t change the default colors in MSPaint to the most retarded, useless colors ever. (I hate you Vista!)