Developer Control Panel to be Locked

The developer control panel will be locked at 3PM PST (11PM GMT) on February 28th as a part of our plan to migrate data safely and accurately to our new site.

While locked, we will be focusing on reviewing remaining add-ons in the review queue in order to get everyone’s add-ons up to date then we will migrate all data to our new database.

If you have any last-minute changes or updates to make, please make them before this time. Thank you for your cooperation.

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16 responses

  1. Lazar wrote on :

    When will the site be functional again?

  2. Mayank Mehta wrote on :

    Good luck guys! I’m sure its going to be amazing when its launched… eagerly waiting for it.

    Would love to know when the Dev Panel will be unlocked again.


  3. Puffy wrote on :

    I’m looking forward to the switch-over! But I keep checking the preview site and hoping that the default addon sorting order will be fixed. The old sort method was waaaay better! Either by popularity or recent update would be better than straight alphabetical, else you’ll end up with the classic phone book problem…


    …trust me, this is what you’ll be in for. Please change it before it gets this bad. Also, it used to be cool to see each addon’s main image next to it in the listings. Now the addon listings ooks like a plain dictionary – devoid of anything to distinguish the addons except a truncated blurb of text. Oh well.

  4. Ryan wrote on :

    yes i was wondering the same thing?¿

  5. Cameron wrote on :

    Lazar: As soon as possible

  6. Dywayne wrote on :

    Hello, just checking if there is an ETA on the developer control panel being available?


  7. Milos wrote on :

    If they plan to launch the system just like it is on the preview site, it will be complete disaster, starting with AAAAA example above.

    I hope they got something better behind the curtains.

  8. MASA wrote on :

    agreed with puffy.

    It sucks that we only got a day’s notice before the panel was shutdown.

  9. Dave wrote on :

    Updates please?

  10. homo_nudus wrote on :

    Sorry, can I update my extension (“LiveJournal Addons”) until the Developer Control Panel will be unlocked? A crucial page in LiveJournal had changed and the old version of my extension don’t work correctly.
    Sorry for disturbing.

  11. Dusty Wilson wrote on :

    I hate to be a bother, but I really need to modify my Extension description to include some information about Vista. I’ve been getting a lot of email from users about it. Any updates on when this will be back up?

  12. CP wrote on :

    If they sort by most recent update, then the current problem is going to continue, which is updating with no or barely any changes just to get on the top of the list. This is what irritates me most about the current front page extension list.

  13. Serjio wrote on :

    Hi All!

    I wonder when it get back? Anybody know about Mozilla plans to restore access to the developers panel?

  14. Arturo ‘Buanzo’ Busleiman wrote on :

    Come on guys, do you think a name like “AAAAAAAAAAAAAACoolAddon” would be accepted?

    Trust the moderators 🙂

    Anyway, I’m waiting for the new site, cause I have enigform 0.6.5 (openpgp signing for http posts via forms and ajax) ready to be submitted 🙂

  15. DPK wrote on :

    Any updates?

  16. MASA wrote on :


    And what extensions do that? I haven’t seen many. Most developers don’t submit more then 3 times because they know how slow it takes for an update to be approved.

    Also remember that the only real people that submit more then 4 times are the people that make those effectivebrand toolbars…ew.


    Considering that extensions will be aproved by trusted-ness (unless I read that wrong), we are screwed.

    Plus remember, since your extension starts with E, it is highly likely that users will still be able to find your extension. But what if, one starts with P or something? No one will be looking much to the middle. I mean, what user (who is not obsessed with addons) will spend more then 3 min looking through the archives? No one I know. And if your extension is near the bottom, then good luck getting people to download it.

    And since most people download extensions from, if they can’t find yours, then you are out of luck. Sorry.

    Now then, it’s march 5th and the panel is still not unlocked. Can we please get an update on this?