AMO Updates

Since the site launched a couple weeks ago, the AMO crew has been working diligently to polish off some of the rough edges and fix the bugs that have been reported. We’ve pushed an update to the site tonight that:

Thanks to everyone who reported or commented on a bug, or who got on IRC to let us know something needed to be looked at.

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14 responses

  1. Danny wrote on :

    How about fixing the default sort order? Sorting by name is useless.

  2. Wladimir Palant wrote on :

    It probably should be mentioned that most people will only see 79 bugs in that list – rest of them is marked security sensitive 😉

  3. conedude13 wrote on :

    The site is broken. Were these updates the cause?

  4. Wil Clouser wrote on :

    > The site is broken. Were these updates the cause?

    Nope. We had some unrelated failures which compounded with the performance issues and caused the site to be unavailable briefly today.

    We found some code we could modify that provides a significant speed boost (cpu-wise) and, after pushing an update, the servers’ load was hovering around a very satisfying 1 today during peak times.

  5. cp wrote on :

    I still cannot delete extension versions that are in sandbox.

  6. Amsterdammer wrote on :

    thanks for the great work.
    Will u please look to the MZ feedback thread of upcomnig Thunderbird 2.0 ? An issue with installing TB-add-ons is discribed there. I am not sure if this is a bug; so not, sorry for blog spam. Thanks in advance…

  7. hashi wrote on :

    what about download counters? why did you remove it?
    I enjoyed to know how many people download and use my plugin

  8. cp wrote on :

    Hashi: There not removed, but you can only see them from the main developers page after you log in, not on the extensions page like it should be 🙁

  9. Chuck Baker wrote on :

    I was also under the impression that the download counts would be public with this release. At least that was what I was assured by the powers that be on Is there a technical reason why this isn’t being done? Or is it just a low priority?

  10. Xav wrote on :

    The day Remora was alive, I got half as many new users per day as before (personal data I got from registrating users).

    I guess this is because the number of downloads and the total rating is not displayed…

    How come ?

    Could you fix this ? thanks

  11. sebdotv wrote on :

    sort order:
    download counts:

  12. Lazar wrote on :

    Just a question. What is average time between public nomination to public release of extensions?

  13. allblue wrote on :

    What’ wrong?

    Reading the Newsfeed on AMO for Thunderbird with my Reader , I realize, that there are often Add-Ons in the listing which belong only to Firefox:


    Yesterday was mentioned the extension “Separate Tabs” as “New Extension for Thunderbird” (compare the link above):

    Additionally, link works and after loading I recognize, that it is not a extension for Thunderbird.

    What’s wrong?

  14. cp wrote on :

    I don’t suppose were going to add in the old comments at all anymore?